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Invisible Chains is a mid to long game that takes place in the Empire of Orlais, a southern nation that is one of the most powerful in all of Thedas. The game begins in the Elven city of Halamshiral, when the group witnesses a mugging, and from this one event the group is dragged off to the Orleisian capital of Val Royeaux, and beyond. But what are these Invisible Chains that bind them and imprison them. Find out in this adventure.

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Humans are the most populace race across Thedas, ruling all nations, Tevinter in the north, to Antiva in the east, to Ferelden in the south. They have ruled all of Thedas since the destruction of the Elven Empire thousands of years ago. Only twice has their rule been in jeopardy, during the 200 year long First Blight that nearly wiped out all of civilized culture on Thedas, and during the Qunari invasion when they were nearly pushed to the brink militarily, religiously and socially. Thankfully humanity has a penchant for resurrection and always comes back no matter the situation, unlike the elves and dwarfs.

Racial Benifits: +1 Cunning, +1 Magic

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The Dwarven kingdoms once spread the entirety of underground Thedas through the use of the Deep Roads. Comprising twelve Great Thaigs, the dwarfs were unmatched in smithing and lyrium production, making the kingdoms very rich when Tevinter ruled the surface of Thedas. This good time came to an end during the First Blight when all Thaigs but Orzammar was claimed by the Darkspawn. To this day the dwarves are under constant attack from the armies of Darkspawn and only during a blight, when the darkspawn rise up to the surface led by an archhdemon, is their any respite from the constant attacks. Dwarven society is based on a rigged caste system base on birth and same-gender parental status, most of Orzammar is very traditionalist and isolationist, viewing surface dwarfs no better than casteless and holding their station above all else.

Racial Benifits: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

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The Elves have had a very tragic history, they once had an empire that spread all of ancient Thedas. However after their war with Tevinter and the quickening which made them loose their immortality, the elvish empire was destroyed and they were enslaved by the Mage Lords of Tevinter. It was only when the Prophet Andraste sang the chant of light and led an Exalted March against the Tevinter Imperium that the elves stagged the largest slave revolt in the history of Thedas, led by Shartan, a follower of Andraste who had promised the elves a homeland in the south, he fell in battle when the Prophet was captured. However her husband Malraethier honoured his slain wife's promised and gave a portion of his new land to the elves. This area, known as the dales was slowly inhabited by freed elves who came from all over Thedas in what was known as the Long Walk, the elves built themselves up in the Dales and began to reclaim their lost culture and language. However this prosperity didn't last long, as the elves began to retreat from the outside world again, and refused to aid the human kingdoms. Eventually their was an Exalted March called against the Dales, it is unknown why this occurred, the Orlesian account is that the elves of the Dales began waging a war against Orlais, sacrificing people to the elven gods, and even sacked Val Royeaux before the Exalted March was called. The Dalish account is that the Chantry sent Templars to the Dales to forcefully convert the inhabitants thus the rose up in retaliation. either way, following the Exalted March the elves split in two, most elves converted to the Chant of Light and moved to human cities and lived in slums known as alienages. The ones who refused to bow to human kingdoms became nomads known as the Dalish, traveling Thedas in aravels and keeping their old culture and language alive.

Racial Benefits: +1 Magic, +1 Dexterity

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The Qunari are the newest race to arrive in Thedas, a race of giant ox-men who sailed from the north landing in Par Vollen three hundred years ago. Using their advanced forms of warfare, such as the floating metal ships called Dreadnoughts and cannons that utilise an explosive substance called gaatlock, the Qunari forces invaded and conquered most of northern Thedas converting all those they captured to Qun. Following three Exalted Marches, and the usage of the Circle of Magi to counter the Qunari's technological prowess and taking advantage of the Qunari's fear of magic (Qunari mages are known as saarebas and are collared, chained and have their mouths sown shut), the alliance of Thedas nations managed to push the QQunari of the continent and back to the island of Par Vollen. It was then that the Llomerryn Accord was signed, this gave the Qunari control of the northern Rivaini city of Kont-Aar as long as they returned to Par Vollen. Every nation except Tevinter signed the accords, thus Tevinter and the Qunari continue to skirmish especially over the island of Seheron which has been controlled by the Qunari since 8:55 Blessed. Qunari society is based on the Qun, a religion/philosophy that governs life and society for all Qunari, it can appear very complex and convoluted to many outsiders, however to Qunari it makes perfect sense, any who question the doctrine can be sent to re-education centers and even made brain-dead. Anyone who regects the Qun are known as Vashoth or Tal-Vashoth, most come from the military and thus often take on mercenary position. The Qunari view the Tal-Vashoth as worse than the Bas, as they rejected the Qun.

Racial Benefits: +1 Dexterity, +1 Strength

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