Pelekor Weatherman

Dwarven Surface Trader


Pelekor is very much of average dwarven appearance and fairly non-descript. He has dark brown hair, beard and dark penetrating eyes.

He wears simple and un-fussy clothing. He is normally seen cutting about in a fine but simple green woolen cape and brown leather jerkin and sturdy boots.

In demeanor he is extremely taciturn and stoic. He does not like to waste his words and has little time for fools.


Pelekor hails from a remote and little known dwarven thaig called Kadorn, which sits on the Orlais-Farelden border.

He is the youngest of three siblings, Veldek and Ke-an, and is the son of a recently deceased nobleman of good standing – Tulrik Silvervane.

Every noble family in Kadorn is expected to offer up one of its sons to take up the ignominious job of being a surface trader. Having taken up this profession Pelekor has been forced to use the assumed surname of “Weatherman”.

Pelekor has been in the trade for the past twenty two years and is now a seasoned dealer in rare commodities and has traveled far and wide, having visited nearly all the kingdoms in Thedas. For the last few years he has almost exclusively dealt with Carta contacts in the supply of lyrium.

Pelekor Weatherman

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