Tal-Vashoth Rogue


Ozoren is a Tal-Vashoth born in Qunari society, he defected several years ago and may still be hunted by his former people. He has been hired by the Carta to act as a bodyguard on a mission.


Born in Qunari society in the city of Kont-Aar, Ozoren was selected to join the Ben-Hassrath as a Salit, an enforcer among the local populace, partnered with an elven viddathari. At first Ozoren was opposed to the partnership, but over time he began to respect her skills and eventually fell in love with her. Eventually they were tailing a perp and decided to split up, Ozoren cornered the thief but he had back up, the Qunari slew two of the muggers before he was overwhelmed. He would have died had his partner not shown up and saved his life by using her hidden magic to save the pair of them. Knowing she had magic potential Ozoren had know choice but to turn his partner in, she went gladly knowing her fate as a Saarebas. After she was taken away Ozoren became wracked with guilt, he knew he should report himself to his superiors for re-education, first falling in love now guilt? He was a good qunari and he had followed the Qun to the letter, so why did he feel so guilty. Instead of doing the logical thing for a Qunari in his position to do, he did the impossible, he broke into the secure Ben-Hassrath re-education facility in Kont-Aar and rescued his beloved, killing four highly trained Ben-Hassrath guards in the process. Together they escaped south away from the Qunari, Ozoren left his beloved in the first Dailish camp he found so she could master her magic while he went to find the Tal-Vashoth. integrating into their society was hard for Ozoren, he took a name and that was all, he eventuallyy joined the White Vashoth, those Tal-Vashoth who still value the Qun but opposed certain aspects of it


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