Abelard Betrunken

Alcoholic Apostate


Abelard is a drunk but friendly. His clothes are shabby and his hair and beard are ragged and a bit dirty. He is a non-conformist and doesn’t appreciate interference arguing that every person should be free to live their own life.


Abelard was born in a small town in Nevarra, his father was a blacksmith and his mother ran the home but was also an amateur midwife and healer. Abelard showed no interest in smithing much to his father’s dismay but did show an interest in his mother’s work. Unlike his parents his grandmother was literate and taught him how to read and write. When he was 8 an old hedge mage came to town and seeing the boy had a natural talent took him on as an apprentice. Abelard spent many years travelling, honing his craft and discovering a taste for everything alcoholic.

Abelard Betrunken

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