Invisible Chains

Chapter Ten

Ocean's Six and a Half

The group plus Kynedrin travel to Lady Albinson’s town house. Taking the cart, the group arrives with no problems, once at the house the group are taken in through the servant’s entrance to the parlour to meet Lady Albinson.

Carrying themselves with grace and poise they gain the respect of the Lady who is deeply interested in the group. She informs them that she will give them invites to the party as her representatives, but only if they a series of jobs for her. Albinson explains that she would like the group to steal a shield from her neighbour, and place a love letter on a young lord. Agreeing to the two jobs the group sets out to plan and split up.

The first group comprised of Selvalar, Crastis, and Abelard take the cart and travel to the Sweet Song Brandy Parlour. After arriving at the parlour they easily locate their mark, Selvalar comes up with a plan to distract the young lord, while Abelard sneaks the letter onto him. Unfortunately Selvalar, in the process of trying to spill drinks over the mark, spills it all over herself instead, and falls over hitting her head. The young lord, ever a gentleman, attempts to help the young Nevarran up, and makes a bandage for her to use. Using the chaos to his advantage and managing to deftly place the letter on his person. The three, their job now complete, leave the parlour.

The Second group, comprised of Pelekor, Aedan, Kynedrin, Bertrand, and Ozoren come up with a plan to break into the next door house. Pelekor contracts Albinson’s Manservant to get a group of navies and an engineer to help them break into the sewer, Pelekor also gets him to write a permission letter asking for the house blueprints. The dwarf goes to the Imperial Palace and retrieves the documents without much trouble. Arriving back at the house along with the Manservant and the engineer, a fellow dwarf, he then gets to work putting together a plan to break into the next door house. While they put the plan into action Bertrand leaves to go on a time travel mission. Soon after the Navies, along with Selvalar, Crastis, and Abelard arrive, with everything in place the navies and the group break a hole through Albinson’s cellar wall, the engineer, leading the group of naves, goes into the sewer and walks down it towards the other house. The next thing the group hears is a large explosion; coming back the engineer states that the sewer wall has been breached allowing water to flow through, while the navies grumble about nearly being blown up.

Moving on to phase two of their plan Abelard, Aedan, and Selvalar go over to the neighbour house pretending to be members of the Département des travaux publics. Unfortunately a major snag of the plan is that, with the absence of Bertrand, Abelard is the only one who can speak Orlesian, and the occupiers of the house will be expecting members of the imperial government to speak their native tongue. Hoping that nothing goes wrong, the trip walk over to the house, a servant opens the door and Abelard, surprisingly, manages to talk without slurring and makes himself clearly understood by everyone. The servant is sceptical of their story of a sewer leak, so he goes back inside to confirm the story. Having received an evacuation order the lord and lady of the manor have no choice but to leave their home, grumbling about it the whole time. With the house empty the Selvalar enters first and makes a beeline for the shield, stealing it with the help of the two navies, while the other two alongside the engineer. While Abelard, not having drunken in a while goes straight to the kitchen and begins to empty the manor’s alcohol stocks.

Finishing up the work and theft, the group leaves. Selvalar, making a final sweep of the house finds Abelard lying drunk in the kitchen. Attempting to awaken the drunken mage Selvalar notices that Abelard’s bandages have come loose and the Nevarran notices the mark on his hand, shocked by this he tells Ozoren (who had gotten into the house to steal everything he could) to get Pelekor.  The dwarf, seeing the mark, believes they should burn Abelard in the kitchen; Selvalar and Ozoren dismiss that idea immediately. Deciding instead to tie the Mage up, they hog tie Abelard who gives out little struggle (still in a stupor) and drag him to the house next door.

Arriving at the house, Abelard calls for a group meeting in the cellar, telling the workmen to get out. They then all argue about what should be done, Pelekor is still gung-ho to burn him. The group then has discussions about dreams and begin to suspect everyone else in the group, believing that these dreams may have something to do with the Chain of Andoral, but also realising that they have more important issues at the moment, the group decides to take Abelard to his friend Rein to figure out if there’s a demon directly or indirectly controlling the mage.

Walking back upstairs the group encounters the manservant again, while passing the navies and engineer who go back downstairs to fix the hole. The Manservant asks the group to come with him as Lady Albinson would like to see them. Givng the shield, Lady Albinson is impressed with the group and gives them eight invites without further delay. Equipped with the invites for a party on Sunday, the group leaves to prepare for it.

Arriving at Rein’s house, the group finds the mage much more dishevelled than when they left, admitting that his wife left him the group asks no further questions about it. Taken to another room Rein proceeds to read Abelard’s Fade signature, finding nothing the group has no choice but to untie him.

Returning to the moonlight cat, Crastis brings up the issue of her old master, members of the group decide to go with her to attack Magister Hessarius. However given how it is very late the group decides to visit the Magister’s house tomorrow. Curious about everything that happened today, and still believing they need to do more investigating the group settles in for a surprisingly uneventful night.

Awakening, the group has breakfast and decides to spend the day investigating before they deal with Crastis’ problem. At the same time a serving girl comes up and whispers into Crastis’ and Abelard’s ears that: “the enlightened brotherhood would like a word in the kitchen.” Remembering the weird group the two mages met early that week, the two decide to see what the serving girl wants and follow her into the kitchen. Similar to Fabre, the girl informs the two that they are also interested in the party when Ardal and Blaen will meet in private. She tells them that when the two men go off in private they should inform the blonde haired servant that: “the bird is in the cage.” She tells them that that will alert the Elevated Brotherhood members nearby who will attack Blaen and Ardal. With the information the two mages leave the kitchen.

Decideing to spend the day finding out about Blaen’s plan, Aedan travells around the city and overhears some gossip by the docks from a drunk. The drunk tells him that he saw Blaen at the docks with another man and a monster. Pointing him in the direction of the pier where this happened, Aedan takes his time to look round the pier and finds a single chain link that is made of a mysterious metal. The Fereldan then blacks out; when he awakens he forgets all about the chain link, in a daze Aedan wonders back to the inn. Back there he explains to the group the story, but can’t recall about what he was he picked up, concerned about him the group (minus Pelekor) decide to investigate the pier.

Arriving at the docks the group can’t locate anything, however soon after they finish their search, which leaves Aedan more confused than before, the group of attacked by a group of thugs who tell the group that: “Blaen say’s hello.”

Managing to defeat the group easily, they locate a note on one of the thugs reading: “This is you last warning,” signed “The Black Spider.” Believing the letter was meant for them, the group decides to leave. Ozoren also finds he cannot cut off any of the thug’s heads again, he questions why he sometimes can’t bring himself to do so but can’t fathom why.



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