Invisible Chains

Chapter Sixteen

Flight through the Fade

The group engages the ogre, during the battle Kynedrin is knocked into the wall, Crastis manages to stabalise the dwarf, but is menaced by the ogre soon after, thankfully it is knocked over by a large attack. Riordan manages to cut out one of the ogre's heart just before Ardal does the same, killing the beast. Suffering a lot of damage during the previous fights, the group takes a moment to recuperate. Pelekor climbs on top of the pedestal and poos out the three gems. This causes Killian and Crastis to faint, Killian is soon after woken up by Riordan. Meanwhile Pelekor shifts the gems round the pedestal until the red portal opens. The whole group then goes through, with Pelekor dragging Crastis and Kynedrin with his poo smeared hands. Killian goes last contemplating taking the gems, before deciding to take them later.

Once through, the group is faced with a path roofed over by rotted dead trees. Crastis wakes up at this point, seeing Pelekor dragging her with his poo hands the elf promptly faints again. the group takes a moment to awaken and fix up the injured members of their party, with Kynedrin and Crastis waking up at this point. Crastis is awoken by Killiuan rubbing her romantically, seeing the mute she attempts to punch him and misses, seeing her aggrivation Killian takes a step back.

Leading the way down the path, the guards and Fabre spot something ahead, and they ask Riordan to come forward, what they all see is a large clearing with 12 green shields holding people within them. Riordan then brings the three mages forward asking them what they are. Kadrial explains that they are like a spider's flies, wrapped and awaiting to be feasted on later. The four, plus Riordan and the guards, approach the shields tentatively. The moment he steps into the clearing Kadrial begins to disappear, commenting that the demon must be on her way, he wishes the group luck before vanishing. Crastis performs some experimentation on them, she finds them to be thin and feel like glass, they also seem to be impervious to harm both physical and magical. At the same Pelekor comes forward and performs a freestyle performance of their adventures for the people in shields, he doesn't notice any change in the situation (in reality the semiconscious prisoners gain inspiration from the dance). Feeling there is no way to break them out, Crastis, using her spirit powers, attempts to communicate with Bertrand, Ozoren, and Aedan. Helping each to be able to move a little bit.

Unfortunately it is around this time that the Desire Demon, Kalyco, arrives at the top of the slope. Placing Ozoren's three skulls on the group she begins casting a spell that returns them to life and provides them with skeletal bodies. As the group begins to do battle withe the three skeletons and demon. Killian charges up the slope, but falls over stabbing himself. Riordan jumps over him and attack Deirdre. Riordan manages to break out of his shell, standing ready to attack. While Ardal charges up the rise and engages Shaemus in battle, dealing a nasty blow to the skeleton. The Enlightened Brother engages the group from a distance, casting spells and firing arrows, while the guards hang back at the sudden appearance of the creatures. Meanwhile Crastis shoots an Arcane Lance at Deirdre, while Pelekor runs back to where Kynedrin is, near the path, and starts firing arrows from there.

During the fight Ardal is taken down by a blood drinking Shaemus, but is taken down himself before he can finish the purifier off. Killian is forced to fight Jeff, before dodging around to attack the Kalyco, before he can chase after the mute the skeleton is attacked by Bertrand who manages to free himself. Meanwhile the two other PC's, Aedan and Ozoren, are frozen in place thanks to Kalyco's magic. Kadrial also manages to awaken and chop Jeff in half, while Riordan finishes off Dierdrie. Kalyco, who is very injured by Killian's attacks and numerous ranged damage, heals her self by draining a Purifier of health. Killian and Riordan then step forward killing the demon.

As soon as the demon dissolves away, the shields disappear and the other prisoners stumble out. At the same time the islands begin to shake and crumble, and Kadrial returns letting the group know that the demon, Kalyco, kept this part of the fade alive, without her it's crumbling and will disappear in a minute, unless a mage will sacrifice there essence to keep the fade islands aloft for a bit longer. Informed of this and with no one stepping forward, Kadrial decides to take it upon himself, the group salutes Kadrial, and the elf heals Ardal bringing him back from the brink. Kadrial fades off into nothing and the shaking stops. The group is now forced to navigate their way back out of the Fade. Taking note of the situations they've been through, the group manages to make it back to Island Four. While so many portals to choose from, Ozoren decides to nip through checking each portal. With two portals left and having disappeared for a while. Riordan decides to check the two remaining portals, finding the right one, the group steps through onto Island One before stepping through the huge entrance portal. Ozoren continues to be lost as time runs out. Island hoping he eventually makes his way to Island One and steps through the entrance portal escaping just in time.

Back in the real world the group breaks up, with the guards waiting for the Templars, the Grey Wardens and Enlightened Brotherhood leaving. The main group also decides to leave, returning to the Inn, they pack up there stuff and leave, separating and deciding never to meet again.

Congratulations you have completed the Invisible Chains



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