Invisible Chains

Chapter Five

Flight and Fight

Pelekor, realising that eventually the guards are going to come get them eventually, opts to escape from the house. Finding some bedsheets, he ties them to the bed and scales down the outside of the building. Managing to land on some plant pallets, Pelekor reaches the ground safely. Bertrand, upon seeing the dwarven peddler escape through the window, attempts to scale down the side of the building too. Failing, Bertrand falls several feet crashing into the pallets creating a huge amount of noise attracting one of the guards. As the guard approaches he asks that the dwarf surrender, motioning to get on the ground, Pelekor launches a surprise attack stabbing the guard in the chest initiating combat. Back in the room, Kynedrin, seeing the combat outside and inside the house, hides in a closet.

While Aedan and Michael are fighting two of the guards, Ozoren uses his captors distraction gto sneak away on his knees, managing to avoid being seen by friend and foe alike, he scales the wall and escapes.

Bertrand, seeing the fight between the dwarf and the guard, charges in to do damage to the Guard. Having been struck by a massive attack, Pelekor, seeking to avoid a third death, runs away. Failing to dodge the free blow throws the Dwarf off balance as he attempts to scale the wall. Falling head first, knocking him unconscious. Bertrand, realising he is facing a much stronger enemy, grabs the dwarf and attempts to throw him over the wall, dropping Pelekor he gets hit from behind. Succeeding on his second attempt, Bertrand manages to schimmy up the wall, avoiding a second attack.

At the same time, the mages realising their arcane lances are ineffective against the Guard decide to run away. Noticing that he is the only one of the group left fighting, Aedan runs away, taking a blow to the back as he runs. Leaving Michael to surrender himself to the guards.

Bertrand, committed to not leave his fallen comrade behind, lifts him over the walls before scaling them himself. This allows the guards enough time to gather their forces and, as the two climb the last wall, they find themselves surrounded by guards, and are arrested.

Taken to the Val Royeaux, the Orlesian commoner and dwarf are both interrogated separately by Colonel Emile Fabre. He asks them both what their doing in the city and why they murdered Brendon Howe. Bertrand, after being beaten, makes iup a lie about their being a third dwarf who arranged for everything, he informs Emile that their were two apostate mages, making no coherent sense he is returned to his cells. Pelekor, convinces Emile that he is an undercover spy working for Ozamar in an attempt to bring the group, which he believes are terrorists down, and pinning the blame on Orzoren and Aedan. Hoping to convince Emile to let him go, he fails, as the Colonel insists that he will handle the investigation from here on out, and that if they find evidence to support his story he will be released. Both men give up the name of Moonlight Cat, which is where they've been staying.

Realising they cannot stay at the inn, Ozoren leads Abelard into finding a cheeper place to stay. Aedan, thinkig about going home remains at the inn, while Crastis remembering that she has to stay at the inn to receive her package, also stays behind. Eventually Aedan decides to catch up with the Ozoren and Abelard.

Cruising through the Pauvre district. The group find that all inns are either closed or won't accept non-humans. Attempting to stay in the Alienage, they find the gates shut and the guard turning them away. Realising they have no where else to stay, return to the Moonlight Cat with their tails between their legs.

Realizing they might be attacked at any point, Aedan tells his dog to guard the door and tell them if their's any intruders. Settling down for bed, Ozoren sets up an escape route.

At one in the morning, Orzoren hears the dog, Fenrir, barking, realising he is about to be attacked he uses his escape route to get out of the inn, managing to stealth away from inn  without anyone noticing. Aedan and Crastis, having the wherewithal to bar their rooms have just enough time to jump from the window and escaping down a side alley.

Abelard, sleeping soundly as a log, awakens when the guards come stomping up the stairs. Unlike the others, he hides behind the door, failing to move out of the way in time, he is hit by the door being slammed open. Not willing to go down without a fight, Abelard attacks with his mace and is almost immediately taken down by three guards.

Being taken to the Val Royeaux prison, Abelard is taken to see Emile, who asks where his friends are. Informing the mage that if he doesn't answer his questions he will be sent to the templars. Not knowing what to tell him, Abelard is sent back to his cell.

At two in the morning, each member of the group in prison is freed, along with Kynedrin who used his contacts to bribe the guards and let them out. Making their way back to the ransacked Inn, they find Fenrir unconsious, not caring about the dog, the group attempts to get to sleep.

Crastis, Ozoren, and Aedan, who have avoided arrest, realsing they have no where to go bed down were they are. Ozoren sleeps in a doorway close to the Alienage. Crastis and Aedan, having both escaped together, loose themselves in the great labyrinth of alleyways, sleeping in one for the night.



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