Invisible Chains

Chapter Seven
Dream Quest and Time Travel

Back at the Inn Pelekor decides to visit the library at the University of Orlais. However along the way he notices he is being followed by Selvalar and Bertrand, as he wants to go on his own Pelekor decides to stop of at a café to dodge them, he asks the barista if there is anywhere in the city that he can get weapon training. The barista suggests the Academie des Chevaliers which is the best training facility in the city, however knowing that the dwarf can’t afford that, he recommends an ex-soldier at the Prancing Unicorn who can train him. Arriving to find the drunken man, he is told to come back in three hours. Arriving back at the appointed time, Pelekor is trained in the art of wearing heavier armor. Pelkor then spends the rest of the day sleeping; the dwarf then experiences something for the first time in his life a dream, seeing his brothers and a diamond.

Selvalar, continuing on to the library, manage to get past the guard and decide to go their separate ways once inside. Selvalar finds an old heavily damaged book in a glass case, managing to steal the book without anyone noticing, he hightails it back to the Inn. Bertrand, failing to find any information on Blaen, decides to spend the day reading about religion.

Aedan, who had not done much the past day, decides to go shopping for new armor and picks up the masks the group had ordered the previous day. Returning to the Inn, he meets with Selvalar who shows him the book, Aedan tells him it is from Ancient Tevinter and probably has something to do with the Old Gods, and they also discover a note written in Orlesian, which neither of them read.

At the same time on the Dream Quest Ozoren and Abelard travel to the Belle Marché looking for Fabian. After failed attempts at threatening, smashing a prized pot used to collect money for the poor, and the theft of two carrots and a cabbage, they finally manage to find Fabian. After some more threatening, they get Fabian to lead them to his gang’s hideout. After two failed escape attempts, Fabian leads them to the hideout, and then manages to get out of Ozoren’s grip. He is then killed when hit by an Arcane Lance and a throwing axe at the same time. Hearing the comotion outside, a group of three thugs exit the hideout and attack the group. Rein and Abelard manage to kill one, before Ozoren kills two in a cool display of acrobatics and dexterity, the coolness then disappears when he cuts the head off one of the thugs, naming the head Jeff, he begins to carry it around with him thoroughly freaking everyone out. After calling for the remaining drug dealers to come out, Ozoren kicks down the door, the sight of the seven foot ox-man clutching their friend’s head causes the two thugs to surrender. After giving up all the gold they had in the hideout, they let the two go. Rein then locates the Lyrium detoxifier, just before Ozoren sets the whole place on fire, his second arson of the day. Following this, the three return to Rein’s house where he administers the detoxifier to his wife, once she shows improvement Rein takes Ozoren aside and deals with his demon problem, but not before he burns Jeff down into a skull out of annoyance. After Ozoren has drunken the prepared potion he begins to feel woozy and hallucinate, as Rein checks the Qunari’s Fade signature Ozoren notices that the mages eyes glow momentarily pink but disregards it in his tricked state of mind. After a few minutes Rein announces that he can’t find any sign of a demon. As the two prepare to leave, Rein pulls Abelard aside and tells him that he had a dream the other day that involved Abelard’s mentor Pancake the Bewildered, who told him to tell Abelard that “they are coming”, and to “trust in the bottle.”

At the same time, Crastis continues to the Docks hoping to finish her mission. She locates someone who looks like the courier, upon approach she realises she has been duped and that the woman waiting for her is none other than the apprentice of her ex-master. As she attempts to run away she is chased by two hired thugs, fortunately she manages to lose them in the maze of back streets. After a failed attempt at disguising herself, the elf returns to the Inn and requests the help of everyone (except Pelekor who is sleeping). The whole group returns to the docks in full force, the apprentice (or witch as they dub her) approaches them and asks to buy Crastis from them, Aedan requests a proof of ownership, which the woman happily obliges, he then promptly tears it up before stating that “people aren’t property”, to which she says back: “she’s an elf, their barely people.” The two groups then engage in combat. At the start of battle Crastis falls into the water and needs rescuing. Aedan and Bertrand both attack the apprentice together knock9ng her down, while Ozoren in an unlikely hero move goes to rescue Crastis, lowering himself from one hand he manages to grab hold of the drowning mage, but just he is about to pull them both up one of the hired thugs uses his hammer to break Ozoren’s hand, thankfully quick dexterity allows him to swap hands, but he lets go of Crastis to do it. Seeing what is happening, Selevar aims her arrows at the thug hoping to cover Ozoren. Meanwhile the mage rising from the attack reveals herself as a bloodmage casting a red arcane shield and launching an arcane bolt at her attackers, while Abelard attempts to counter with his own Arcane Lance, however thanks to the shield it is reflected back on Abelard, while Bertrand feels his strength being sapped. Both Aedan and Bertrand attempt to attack again, Bertrand’s weapon is reflected, but Aedan manages to pierce her heart killing her. With the death of their boss the two goons try to flee the battlefield, but Aedan manage to take one down before the other flees. Meanwhile Ozoren, desperate to save Crastis for some reason only he could answer throws caution to the wind and attempts to grab her with his broken hand, but can’t stand the pain and lets her go for the second time. As the elf sinks beneath the waves Ozoren is pulled up by Aedan, while Crastis manages to grab onto the docks and clamber up herself. Ozoren, whose broken hand had been in dirty water, begins to feel a painful throb in his hand. He then stands up; pulls out his sword and attempts to cut off the apprentices head, but for some reason can’t bring himself to do so. The Qunari sheaths the sword and cradles his broken hand.

Crastis then spots the real courier on the next dock watching them. After giving the passcode they exchange the package for another scrap of paper wone that contains futher instructions for another job.

The next day Pelekor awakens from his dream and heads to the library at the crack of dawn, waiting until the building opens before entering. He speaks to the librarian and asks about the Article of Thiags, the librarian admits he has never heard of that item, Pelekor believes he is lying and offers money. Taking the dwarf deeper into the library, the librarian explains that he has already sold the article to the Grand Cathedrial, when Pelekor again points out that he is obviously lying the librarian attempts a run for it but the Dwarf easily catches him. Threatening him with his knife, the librarian tells him that the article is back at his apartment and he can give it to him. Believeing that the librarian is still lying to him Pelekor stabs him in both of his legs, realising that the librarian is repeating his story and is probably telling the truth apologises and carries the injured librarian to his apartment. Leaving the man to find the article, Pelekor notices that someone is trying to break in from the back window. Opening the window causing the wannabe burglar to lose their grip and fall to the ground. After a few insults back and forth between the dwarven burglar team on the ground and Pelekor, he shoots the dwarven leader causing the others to flee leaving their injured friends. The librarian, having heard the commotion, emerges from his room and asks what’s happening, Pelekor lies saying it’s nothing and the man decides not to push. He then hands over the article and tells him to “get the fuck out of my apartment.” Leaving, Pelekor then travels to the Dwarven consulate and addresses a letter and package to his brother containing the Article sending both off to him. He then leaves and returns to the Inn.

Chapter Six
Feasts and Docks

Following the groups arduous experience the past night they decide to get some sleep. Aedan, deciding to sleep in an alleyway, finds it difficult to get to sleep, the Ferelden noble having never had to sleep on the streets. Eventually he drifts off to sleep and begins to dream of his parents and brother, as they insult him and demeans him for running away and letting them die, the dream ends with him falling and hearing a voice say: “I knew you were a fool, son of Cousland.”

Waking up from their hard night, the three characters that slept out on the streets: Crastis, Adaen, and Ozoren, make their way back to the Inn: The Moonlight Cat. Meanwhile the three who stayed in the inn: Bertrand, Pelekor, and Abelard, wake up from a good sleep and go get Breakfast. On the way down Abelard meets Selvala, an adventurer from his home town, they dislike each other and for some reason Selvala injects himself into the group. Pelekor is the only one to question this sudden addition of an extra character, the rest just roll with it. While the rest are eating breakfast Bertrand begins to choke on his food, after some faffing about Pelekor manages to save the young Orlesian, while at the same time everyone in the room is distracted by Aedan’s incredible eating skills. Many years later the Moonlight Cat serves a breakfast dish called Aedan’s Breakfast named for his incredible eating skills, it also comes with a side of Ozoren’s Picked up Chicken, named for the food that choked Bertrand that was picked up by the Qunari.

Following that weird display Kynedrin suddenly announces that he is off to see about the job he has arranged for the group involving the Grey Wardens. As the group has a free day Ozoren decides he wants to go find the Qunari meeting that he was invited to, and is almost 100% sure it is a trap. The whole group decides to tag along with the exception of Pelekor who has gained an immense fear of death.

The group minus Pelekor and with the addition of Selvala, journeys to the Docks to find warehouse 4. Having found the run down building the group journeys inside and finds it filled with wooden boxes, beams of ships, ropes, and other stuff. As Ozoren attempts to search the room he does it in such an impressive manner that years later the dock that warehouse 4 is connected too is renamed: Ozoren’s Dock. Eventually the group realises that if a meeting is to be held in here it would be held in the old manager’s office. Journeying up the stairs the group knocks on the door and, hearing nothing through the door open it. Inside the room reveals three armed Qunari, a human and an elf who run at the group.

While the four on the balcony are engaged with the balcony; Bertrand and Abelard watch from bellow and attack with arrows and Arcane Bolts respectively. Crastis, having been hit with a spear manages to slip through the battle raging around her and reach the steps closely followed by her Qunari attacker. Meanwhile Fenrir is dealt a vicious blow by a Qunari attacker which causes Aedan to go into a blood rage and take the seven foot ox-man by himself, dealing such a strong blow that the Qunari gets knocked off the balcony to fall to his death. Selvala who is damaged by a vicious human, runs away and hides in the manager’s office, barricading the door with his a table and watches helplessly at the door inches open, searching the room he finds money and a note written in Qunlit. Crastis turns back and is faced with an aggressive Qunari, mustering up all her strength she whacks him with her staff which does some serious damage. Meanwhile, having shot the one lone Qunari not fighting anyone twice, Bertrand watches as the angry ox-man jumps off the balcony and charges at him, Bertrand draws out his sword and reacts with his own charge. Watching the fight in front of him, Abelard kneels down and heals Fenrir who had come to him seeking healing. At the same time Ozoren quickly dispatches the elf he was facing before turning with Aedan to help dispatch the Qunari menacing Crastis. With three of their fellows, the remaining Qunari and human surrender.

The fighting done with Orzoren intimidates the human and Qunari and quickly murders the Qunari when he won’t answer his questions. Revealing that Neranni sent them to bring Ozoren back and that she will be in the city soon. Ozoren, in order to prevent the information getting back to his old mentor, murders the human and sets fire to the building which burns quickly thanks to rotting timbers.

Returning to the Moonlight Cat the group decides to rest the rest of the day. Selvala passes Orzoren the note, which a series of times and places that seem to show someone spying on him, at the bottom is “Grand Cathedral 0812 Neranni”, implying that Neranni is already in the city and was seen at the Grand Cathedral earlier this morning.

Crastis, having received a package from a courier, takes it upstairs to her room to open it. Managing to deftly open it with little damage, revealing a book, a letter, and a bunch of sweets, reading the letter Crastis realises that the package from Edwin is to the Archon, the leader of the Tevinter Imperium. Putting everything back in its place and sealing up the package, the elf mage is startled by a knock on her door. Quickly hiding the package she opens the door to Aedan who hopes to ask her about his dream. Unfortunetly the Mage doesn’t know much about the fade and can’t help him.

Deciding to take a break from fighting, Ozoren has a nap. Falling asleep Orzoren experiences a similar dream to Aedan, the Qunari dreams of Hani and Mehra who insult him, before Neranni appears and tells him that she found him. Ozoren goes to see Abelard, waking the mage up he asks about his dreams. Abelard, a more experienced mage than Crastis, believes that a demon is manipulating the Qunari’s dreams, he decides to take Ozoren and go see his old friend Rein who wants him to heal his wife.

At the same time Crastis decides to go out to the docks early and find who the package is supposed to be delivered too. Walking along the streets she soon notices she is being tailed, finding Selvala and Aedan following her, she requests that they stop and go back to the inn as she will be fine. Feeling that there is no point in following someone who doesn’t want to be (also it’s rather creepy), they decide to go to back to the inn, while Crastis continues on her way.

Meanwhile Abelard and Ozoren go and find Rein. Locating Rein’s house in the Pauvre District they knock on and are unshed inside by the Rivaini Mage. Rein thanks the two men for coming, and agrees to a bargain, if Abelard will find out what is wrong with his wife then Rein will make a potion to help Ozoren. Abelard tries a variety of methods to find out what is wrong before trying a basic magic check, discovering that the woman is going through lyrium withdrawal. Informing Rein who is bewildered that his wife would be a lyrium addict, his wife only spends her time working at the launderette. Deciding to travel to her work, the three of them manage to bluff past the guard pretending to have clothes to wash. The group is pointed towards Maude, a friend of Rein’s wife. As they question her Abelard beings to believe that she is a lyrium addict, which she denies, as the conversation becomes heated the group is interrupted by the manager of the laundrette. As her tries to get the group to leave and even threatens to call the guards, however thanks to Ozoren’s good threatening abilities he manages to get out of the manager that he was the one who made Rein’s wife addicted and has been making other women in his launderette addicted to lyrium without their knowledge so he can have sex with them, when asked where he got the lyrium from he points them towards the Bell Marché, the market place within the Pauvre District, and to a mouse-looking man named Fabian.  Abelard then takes the initiative to frog march the man to the middle of the launderette, where he is ordered to gather all his workers and tell them what he did. They leave the man to his fate, surrounded by a group of pissed of women.

Chapter Five
Flight and Fight

Pelekor, realising that eventually the guards are going to come get them eventually, opts to escape from the house. Finding some bedsheets, he ties them to the bed and scales down the outside of the building. Managing to land on some plant pallets, Pelekor reaches the ground safely. Bertrand, upon seeing the dwarven peddler escape through the window, attempts to scale down the side of the building too. Failing, Bertrand falls several feet crashing into the pallets creating a huge amount of noise attracting one of the guards. As the guard approaches he asks that the dwarf surrender, motioning to get on the ground, Pelekor launches a surprise attack stabbing the guard in the chest initiating combat. Back in the room, Kynedrin, seeing the combat outside and inside the house, hides in a closet.

While Aedan and Michael are fighting two of the guards, Ozoren uses his captors distraction gto sneak away on his knees, managing to avoid being seen by friend and foe alike, he scales the wall and escapes.

Bertrand, seeing the fight between the dwarf and the guard, charges in to do damage to the Guard. Having been struck by a massive attack, Pelekor, seeking to avoid a third death, runs away. Failing to dodge the free blow throws the Dwarf off balance as he attempts to scale the wall. Falling head first, knocking him unconscious. Bertrand, realising he is facing a much stronger enemy, grabs the dwarf and attempts to throw him over the wall, dropping Pelekor he gets hit from behind. Succeeding on his second attempt, Bertrand manages to schimmy up the wall, avoiding a second attack.

At the same time, the mages realising their arcane lances are ineffective against the Guard decide to run away. Noticing that he is the only one of the group left fighting, Aedan runs away, taking a blow to the back as he runs. Leaving Michael to surrender himself to the guards.

Bertrand, committed to not leave his fallen comrade behind, lifts him over the walls before scaling them himself. This allows the guards enough time to gather their forces and, as the two climb the last wall, they find themselves surrounded by guards, and are arrested.

Taken to the Val Royeaux, the Orlesian commoner and dwarf are both interrogated separately by Colonel Emile Fabre. He asks them both what their doing in the city and why they murdered Brendon Howe. Bertrand, after being beaten, makes iup a lie about their being a third dwarf who arranged for everything, he informs Emile that their were two apostate mages, making no coherent sense he is returned to his cells. Pelekor, convinces Emile that he is an undercover spy working for Ozamar in an attempt to bring the group, which he believes are terrorists down, and pinning the blame on Orzoren and Aedan. Hoping to convince Emile to let him go, he fails, as the Colonel insists that he will handle the investigation from here on out, and that if they find evidence to support his story he will be released. Both men give up the name of Moonlight Cat, which is where they've been staying.

Realising they cannot stay at the inn, Ozoren leads Abelard into finding a cheeper place to stay. Aedan, thinkig about going home remains at the inn, while Crastis remembering that she has to stay at the inn to receive her package, also stays behind. Eventually Aedan decides to catch up with the Ozoren and Abelard.

Cruising through the Pauvre district. The group find that all inns are either closed or won't accept non-humans. Attempting to stay in the Alienage, they find the gates shut and the guard turning them away. Realising they have no where else to stay, return to the Moonlight Cat with their tails between their legs.

Realizing they might be attacked at any point, Aedan tells his dog to guard the door and tell them if their's any intruders. Settling down for bed, Ozoren sets up an escape route.

At one in the morning, Orzoren hears the dog, Fenrir, barking, realising he is about to be attacked he uses his escape route to get out of the inn, managing to stealth away from inn  without anyone noticing. Aedan and Crastis, having the wherewithal to bar their rooms have just enough time to jump from the window and escaping down a side alley.

Abelard, sleeping soundly as a log, awakens when the guards come stomping up the stairs. Unlike the others, he hides behind the door, failing to move out of the way in time, he is hit by the door being slammed open. Not willing to go down without a fight, Abelard attacks with his mace and is almost immediately taken down by three guards.

Being taken to the Val Royeaux prison, Abelard is taken to see Emile, who asks where his friends are. Informing the mage that if he doesn't answer his questions he will be sent to the templars. Not knowing what to tell him, Abelard is sent back to his cell.

At two in the morning, each member of the group in prison is freed, along with Kynedrin who used his contacts to bribe the guards and let them out. Making their way back to the ransacked Inn, they find Fenrir unconsious, not caring about the dog, the group attempts to get to sleep.

Crastis, Ozoren, and Aedan, who have avoided arrest, realsing they have no where to go bed down were they are. Ozoren sleeps in a doorway close to the Alienage. Crastis and Aedan, having both escaped together, loose themselves in the great labyrinth of alleyways, sleeping in one for the night.

Chapter Four
A Kidnapping and a Murder

As the group leaves the bar with Kynedrin, followed by Alizera. Aedan sends a letter ahead with his trusty Mabari Fenrir. Arriving down the alleyway Ozoren and Crastis are initially confused about what the dog wants, when they notice the message attacked to his collar they read it and prepare. Crouching down in the alleyway pretending to be beggars they await their quarry.

Arriving at the alleyway, the parlour group pass their two friends pretending not to notice them. Alizera, seeing the beggars, pulls a knife and tells the Qunari and Elf to get out. As the two scuttle out of the alley they turn and attack the assassin. Ozoren throws his axe, which misses and hits Bertrand instead. Crastis, shaking her head at the Qunari's efforts, attacks with an Arcane Lance, although the spark of energy bounces off the assassin's coat she notices the attack and spins, drawing out her weapons she prepares to strike the two beggars. Using the momentum from the Arcane Lance, Crastis draws a glyph right at Alizera's feet. Not having enough time to doge out the way the glyph activates freezing the Assassin mid stride. The group then knocks her out.

Kynedrin, now realising that it was all a stunt, thanks the group for saving his life. He then informs the group that he can deal with Alizera and that they will need a plan to deal with Blaen. Taking the unconscious woman on board his cart, he goes to find an inn for the group to stay at, and also to meet his contacts to deal with Alizera. Being left alone again the group splits up: Pelekor, Bertrand, and Abelard go inside to have a drink, while Aedan, Crastis, and Ozoren remain outside.

Inside the Parlour Abelard runs into his old friend Rein, though they parted in somewhat acrimonious circumstances. Discussing each other’s current lives, Rein brings up his wife and asks Abelard to pay him a visit as she is deathly ill. Initially sceptical Abelard agrees to visit Rein's home, before getting back to drinking.

Bertrand, upon entrance of the Parlour, notices a Templar wearing a strange cloak. Recognising him as one of his trainers at Templar school, Garret, he approaches the man to reintroduce himself. Initially confused by the Orlesian commoner, Garret slowly recognises him. After a brief conversation Garret explains that he has left the Templar Order and joined the Purifiers, an extremist group of ex-Templars who views the Order as under the Chantry's thumb, and believe that it's not doing enough to combat magic. Remembering that the young commoner held derogatory viewpoints on both mages and elves, the ex-Templar attempts to recruit Bertrand. Bertrand, unsure of himself and in a new city, tells his old trainer that he will think about it, Garret agrees to let him think about it, he will contact him later to elicit his response.

Pelekor drinking at the bar runs into Fellis Kingmire who explains that Pelekor’s brother Valdek has hired her to find the Article of Thiags. Kadorn Thiag has been taken over by the Garrison of Black, and his brother wants the Article to request direct rule from the High King of Orzammar. Unfortunately Fellis had been unable to obtain a copy, having heard that the University of Orlais has a copy, relaying this information to Pelekor she explains that she has to leave the city and offers Pelekor all the money that his brother paid her to get the article if she does the job for him. Pelekor agrees at once, concern for his home outweighing the little money he is getting.

Both Ozoren and Aedan find notes directed to them. Ozoren is hand delivered a note by a runner, directing him to a meeting of the Val Royeaux Tal-Vashoth Mercenary groups, anticipating a trap; Ozoren is sceptical but ready to go along with the ruse for further gain. Aedan, seeing a posting on the nearby wall, finds out that his family is dead and one Ser Michael Kersten is hiring people to kill Howes. Aedan then runs off to find Michael, Ozoren runs after him not noticing the dropped not. Crastis, noticing the dropped note, picks it up and reads the information. Knowing the others must know of this she attempts to enter the Parlour, worried that someone will stop her she treads carefully, when no one does she steps fully into the Parlour. Having a tough time finding her friends she sees an elf in the robes of a Tevinter Magister. Believing him to be the elf that Kadrial spoke of, she approaches him, and discussing matters in Tevine she learns that her former master and the Magister she embarrassed are both after her. The elf introduces himself as Ullrich Caunish, the Left Seat of the Archon, and promises to deal with Crasts’ problems if she delivers a package. When asking about it Ullrich explains that the package will come with instructions.

Cratis, finishing her conversation with her fellow Tevine elf, finds her friends and shows them the note that caused Aedan to run off. Believing that the two men will be back, the group decide to relax.

Arriving at the Drunken Fish, Ozoren having catched up with Aedan, the Qunari ask what’s going on and he explains what’s happened and they both decide to go into the bar. Finding the bar smelly, dirty, and almost empty, they easily locate Ser Michael Kersten who is drinking. Aedan goes over and slams his hands startling the man, he looks up and, recognising Aedan, he explains to both men what happened.

Soon after Aedan left Castle Cousland, word came from the south that the Darkspawn were amassing a huge army, and Fergus led the Cousland army to the south to help in the King’s battle. Soon after, with the castle undefended, assassins from the Howe family who killed the Teryn and Ternya, allowing with all the servants, Fergus’ wife and child, and the dogs. Kersten explains he only survived by pretending to be dead in the courtyard, and then sneaking off when no one was watching. When asked what the plan is, Kersten explains that now that Aedan is here he plans to get vengeance on Arl Rendon Howe by killing his brother Brendon who is a scholar at the University of Orlais. Kersten also explains how his brother is believed dead at the battle of Ostagar following the betrayal of the Grey Wardens.

Agreeing to go through with his plan for later in the night, Aedan decides to discuss the plan with his allies and get them to help.

Both men journey back to the Parlour, explaining what’s going on a child runs up and explains that Kynedrin has gotten them rooms in the Moonlight Cat Inn on the other side of town. The group follows the runner through the city.

Half way to the Inn the group is waylaid by a carriage and a group of soldiers, the leader of whom points to the two mages and asks them to get in the carriage. After some faffing about, Abelard and Crastis agree to travel in the carriage, as the carriage moves off Ozoren follows at a jog. Seated opposite is Nemmaya, the founder and leader of the Elevated Brotherhood. Nemmaya takes the time to explain about the political situation in Val Royeaux, she explains the relationship between Blaen and the Purifiers. Finishing the explanation and asking the two mages to join the Brotherhood and help spread Tevinter influences throughout the south. Deciding to consider the offer, they are dropped off back where they had first bordered carriage; with Ozoren pulling up the rear.

Continuing the journey the group arrives at the inn, meeting Pelekor again who gives them their room keys, the group gather up and prepare for dinner.

As the group gathers in a private room for dinner, they discuss the events of the day. Deciding to help each other, they agree to travel to the Orlesian university campus and get Aedan some sweet revenge.

Turning to other matters, Kynedrin explains that in order to defeat Blaen they need to attract attention from Blaen’s enemies. In order to do that Kynedrin has found two jobs, one is an expedition to the deep roads, and the other is a job for the Grey Wardens. The group, having faced down Darkspawn before decide to work with the Grey Wardens instead of facing that horror. Needing time to sort out the job Kynedrin gives the group a free day.

Deciding to start with Aedan, the group plus Kynedrin journey back to the Drunken Fish, and, with Ser Kersten in tow, travel to Brendon Howe’s house.

Arriving at the terraced houses that serve as homes for the academics on campus, the group finds the house guarded. Kersten knowing there is an entrance round back takes the group on a short journey through three back gardens. Aedan, Crastis, and Abelard are discovered easily just as they prepare to enter the back gardens. The leader of the guards calls out to them, Kersten tells the group to keep moving.

The leader of the guards asks why Aedan is sneaking in the gardens. The Fereldan lord responds that he and Brendon are friends and they like to sneak into each other’s houses. Sceptical the guard inquires if Aedan Cousland is on the list, not finding him the Guards are about to turn him away but Aedan manages to convince them to let him in. They agree as long as Crastis and Abelard remain outside.

Thanks to Pelekor’s lock picking skills, the group enters the house at the same time as Aedan. Journeying up the stairs, as quiet as possible, unfortunately the group manage to wake up Brendon Howe who comes onto the stairway, noticing nothing he goes back to bed. The group continue and burst into Brendon’s room. As the light turns on Kersten rushes in and, punching Brendon, drags him out of bed holding a knife to his throat.

Begging the group to take what they want, Aedan explains who he is and what Brendon’s brother did to his family. Despite telling them that he hasn’t seen his brother in decades and he won’t care if he kills him. The group, not wanting to see Aedan become a murderer, gets involved in a tussle with Ozoren and Bertrand attempting to stop the Ferelden. It is all for naught however, as Aedan stabs the scholar through the neck killing him.

The group seeking to leave the house sends Aedan first so the guards aren’t suspicious. The guard captain, however, hearing a commotion upstairs, enters the house and calls in to Brendon, meeting Aedan as he attempts to leave the guard asks what’s happening. Just as Aedan is about to convince the Guard that everything is fine, he sees Ozoren in the shadows and send three Guards to capture the Qunari. After taking a hit, Ozoren surrenders and the three guards stand around him swords out.

Kersten attacks the guard sent to investigate upstairs while Aedan gets into a fight with the lead guard who shouts out to the remaining guard to get reinforcements. The single guard runs off just as he is hit by an Arcane Lance from Abelard.

Chapter Three
Betrayal in the Big City (or How to Kill a Dwarf Twice)

With the battle continuing from before, the group is continually pushed closer to the back of the caravan, which has had to stop thanks to the frozen ogre in front. Bertrand, Pelekor, and Ozoran continue to battle stronger Darkspawn, while the Dalish and Abelard continue to have a tough time with the regular Darkspawn. At the front Aedan, Crastis, Mehra, and their two Dalish allies continue to battle the ogre.

Pelekor, having finally succumbed to his wounds, collapses to the ground along with one of the Dalish hunters. However Kynedrin takes a moment to reach out to his fellow Dwarf and perform some in-battle first aid. Pelekor, tired of battle, tries to remain still and pretend to be dead, however the stench of Darkspawn and blood terrifies the Dwarf who has to move. Decideing to run towards the caravan he is struck down again by the Genlock Alpha. Moving in to intercept the enemy standing over his friend, Bertrand attacks the Genlock Alpha, now facing two enemies he is attacked twice and nearly defeated.

At the same time Aedan, Crastis, and their allies manage to kill the frozen ogre and one of his Genlock allies. At the same time Ozoren manages to give the Shirek attacking him a vicious slash making the beast angrier. Abelard manages to kill his Genlock opponent, but is attacked by a Genlock Emissary. As the Darkspawn begin to press in pushing the Group closer to the caravan, four of the Dalish hunters are struck down.

Just as the Group is prepared to be swarmed by Darkspawn, Kadrial steps out of his Aravel and, using his superior elven magic, manages to kill all the Darkspawn in the front and back before collapsing. At first the group is pissed at being asked to do something when the elves could have taken care of it, but then they realise the extent of the damage that battle has done. Gathering up the injured and dead, the Elves manage to get everybody out before more Darkspawn come, only stopping when they are a mile away from the forrest.

Waking up in the Elven Camp the group is called over to Kadrial's bedside, along the way the grooup asks why the Keeper didn't just use his magic before, to which they are informed that the Keeper is very sick abd wouldn't have used his magic unless it was necessary. Arriving at the Keeper's bedside he thanks the group and awards them with all the money the clan can scrounge together, along with long sword, a bow, and a short sword.

While the group mills around the Keeper, Torkin pulls Aedan aside and tells him of his past as a bodyguard in the de Chelons family. He warns Aedn of the Grand Game and reveals that their quarry Alizera is heading to Val Royeaux, and that they should be careful. He reveals this information to the group shortly after.

Ozoren approaches Mehra who is sat near an injured Hani, Ozoren of course is conflicted that he has survived. Mahra thanks her friend for saving her beloved from the Darkspawn horde. She tells him to be careful and that Naranni will be coming for him, she can feel it. Still keeping his secrets from the group, he hides his conversation from the group.

As the group leaves to gather up supplies and their things, Kadrial asks Crastis to stay. Telling her that he had a vision of Fen'Harel. He told him to tell her that on her journey she will encounter an elf in a place elves should not be. And that this elf will ask her to do three things: 1) to deliver something that shouldn't, 2) to kill someone who died, 3) and to finish a job she started. The Dread Wolf also told Kadiral that Crastis must not kill the Drug Dealer. He also warns her to be careful of Abelard, as the dead remember what he did.

As the Dalish see the group off, the group, reflecting on what they have seen, continue on there way to Val Royeaux.

Thanks to their quickness of travel it only takes a further day before they arrive at the gates of Val Royeaux. Aedan, Abelard, Ozoren, and Bertrand travel on the cart; while Crastis and Pelekor walk beside the cart (Pelekor slightly apart). Pelekor, beginning to panic at the large crowds of people and affrayed that he might be attacked at any moment, attempts to wait outside the city gates, but the group prevents his leaving. Arriving in a large bustling marketplace and noticing all the stares they've been getting, Ozoren looks for a place to buy a large hood. Locating a place, Kynedrin pulls up, with Pelekor telling them to be ten minutes and no more. The whole group enters the shop as a large crowd, which leaves the shop keeper taken aback by the crowd.

Approaching the counter, the shopkeeper inquires to Ozoren whether the Qunari will be invading, Ozoren responds "not yet", which calms the shop keeper. Attempting to buy a hood, the shop keeper aks numerous questions prompting  Pelekor to prompt Ozoren into threatening the shop keeper. Lifting him up by the neck, the Orlesian craps his pants, terrified he begins crying, and the Qunari just asks for a piece of fabric his size. The shopkeeper cuts the fabric fast and gives it to Ozoren saying no charge, he begins to cry and crouch down behind his counter.  Aedan then comes forward and attempts to buy a mask, Bertrand recommends that they all buy masks in case they need to pretend to be nobles. Aedan manages to calm the shopkeeper and he orders a custom mask to be picked up in a day's time. While Bertrand and Ozoren buy a plain mask. Crastis who attempts to buy a mask is dismissed by the shopkeeper, Elves don't get invited to parties, following this Ozoren steps forward to threaten the shopkeeper, causing him to reconsider and sell Crastis the same mask.

With the shopping out the way, Pelekor and Kynedrin are desperate to get going, the visit having taken longer than ten minutes. Continuing their journey Kynedrin takes the group to the Sweetsong Brandy Parlor. Pulling into the stables out back the group disembarks and the dwarf pays the stable hands to take care of his horses and cart. Attempting to enter the Parlor the bouncer stops them, saying that the group, who looks like a bunch of ruffians, and in the company of a Qunari and Elf cannot enter the Parlor. Pelekor manages to convince the bouncer that he is working with the owner to gather supplies for a party, and that this particular bouncer was supposed to get a package from Lisa's house. The bouncer, Karl, enters the establishment and comes out with another bouncer and then runs off to Lisa's house. The group, now free to enter, opts to leave Ozoren and Crastis outside to kep watch for the bouncer who is expected to return at any moment, and in order to prevent the group from being too conspicuous.

As the group enters a tavern like room, with plush chairs, a smoky atmosphere, a piano player, and a lot of people, the entire room goes silent looking at the rough looking newcomers. Pelekor, skilled in these situations, buys everyone a round of ale leading to a cheer and everyone to return to talking. The group of five locates a small table in the corner where they sit and look out, Kynedrin in particular watches carefully for Blaen. As the group finishes their first round, a barmaid comes over and gives everyone a round of spirits, pointing over to another corner she says that the drinks are from that patron over there. They look over and see three occupants of a table. A man who is clearly a bodyguard, a stern looking woman with a scar on each cheek (Alizera), and a goateed man wearing shiny Chevalier armour (Blaen) who tips his pipe to them.

Kynedrin shouts out and rises to attack Blaen. Following a confrontation with the rest of the group, and the taking away of his weapon, he remains sitting. The group then buys a round of spirits and send Abelard, who has already drunken everyone elses drinks while they talked, and is quite tipsy. Abelard walks over to the table and, tripping, spilling wine over all three occupants. Causing the bodyguard to nearly attack the old mage, Blaen, however, stays his hand, and, walking the Mage back over to his table. Blaen pulls up a chair and sits at the table. Introducing himself, he and Kynedrin get into an argument about business philosophies and the death of his brothers, unbeknownst to the others Alizera and the bodyguard have followed Blaen over to the table. Turning to Pelekor, he offers a business arrangement with the Dwarf trader, he offers double what the Dwarf and the other members of the group agree too as long as they kill the Dwarf first. Kynedrin taken aback by the treachery, attempts to escape but is gripped by Ozoren and Bertrand. Pelekor, wanting money up front, instead settles for a promissory note as long as they kill Kynedrin. Blaen tells Alizera to accompany the group and to kill everyone if they fail in their task. Alizera leans in and asks Blaen why they shouldn't just kill them, he waves her away saying "yes, yes, but, but," and leaves it at that. Just before they leave the parlor Aedan attaches a message to his dog and send him out ahead of the group.

Outside Crastis and Ozoren, check the perimeter and ascertain which direction the bouncer will come from. Waiting in a side alley to prevent attention, and awaiting the rest of the group's arrival.

Chapter Two
Two Fights and a Romance

Continuing the battle from before, Aedan, seeing that Tarvik will not be reasoned with, hopes to dash out and grab the lyrium to tempt Tarvik to give up. Pelekor again attempts to smash a vial of lyrium however he fails terribly again the lyrium slipping from his fingers. The two mages remain back behind the Glyph cast by Crastis, using Arcane Lance they whittle down the two enemies. Ozoren fearing that he is being beaten by a stronger opponent runs away from Lendrid, scooting past the glyph, he uses the two mages as shields, the thug turns to chase after the Qunari murderer who killed his beloved, unfortunately this leaves him open to attack from behind by Bertrand, who kills the gang lieutenant (resulting in 400 xp for both Ozoren and Bertrand). Pelekor keeps up the battle, realsing, from the lyrium dust on his fingers that it's not real lyrium, and finally finishes the drug addled Templar (for killing the Templar almost singlehandedly, Pelekor gains 600 xp). With all enemies dead the group then unties Kynedrin and asks him questions about the lyrium and why they took him. Playing himself off as an important member of the Carta, Kynedrin informs the group that he and the Carta decided to cut off the Bleakwatch Gang in order to obtain a greater cut themselves, the gang discovered their duplicity and kidnapped Kynedrin to exact whereabouts of the lyrium and his brothers. He asks the group to come with him to locate his brothers then they will discuss the job. Pelekor, rightly pissed off having battled twice tonight and nearly been killed, draws up a contract for Kynedrin to sign granting him and the group a lion's share of any cut if any deals that involve themselves and Kynedrin. Kynedrin reads over the contract and is hessitent until he is told that they will only help if he signs the contract, agreeing Kynedrin signs away most of his future earnings (for rescueing Kynedrin and defeating the Bleakwatch, the group gains 300 xp each).

Without further ado, the group plus Kynedrin leaves the safehouse and journeys back across Halamshiral. Leaving the city the group travels a few minutes beyond the Broken Walls to find the Dwarves campsite. It is quiet, the fire has burnt down to embers, there are two horses tied to a nearby tree, with a cart nearby, three tents a set around the camp. When they enter the camp Kynedrin walks straight over to one of the tents calling for his brother to awaken, he opens the flap and screams, looks in the second and screams. He has discovered his dead bothers, cut as they slept along arteries and veins to release the most amount of blood quickly and quietly. Realising that the murderer is Alizera, Blaen's chief enforcer, he also realises that the lyrium has been stolen. When asked he explains about the Indigo Road and Blaen. Pelekor has head whisperings of the Road as the largest lyrium smuggeling riung in southern Thedas, and he has heard whispers of its leader however he know's nothing concrete about Blaen personally. Kynedrin explains that Blaine was a former Chevalier, however due to his actions against the Fereldens during the occupation he was sent north to guard the border with Nevarra, it was there that he committed a horrifc unspecified action against villagers in a Nevarren settlement, in order to prevent another war with the nation, Orlais covered the incident up and Blaen was relieved of his duty. Since then he has focused on building the Indigo Road from Orzammar to Val Royeaux, starting out as dealing to ex-Templars and apostates, he has branched out into selling diluted Lyrium on the streets. Using the contract he signed with the group as leverage, he asks their help in getting revenge on his brother's murderer's and he will pay any expense to make it happen. The group then gathers up some supplies, attaches the horses, and getting on the cart they start on there way.

Using Fenrir, the group manages to track the murderer, she is traveling fast but her tracks are obvious for the dog. Using the skilled tracking of both Aedan and Fenrir, the group manages to make speedy headway, traveling four days in just two, they soon discover that their quarry has increased her speed, but they don't know why.. As the group traveles across the Dales, stopping in several villages and towns for supplies and to go poop, sleeping out in the open more often than not. As the group leaves the rocky marshland of the Dales behind, they find themselves traveling through fields and flat plains, and are eventually stopped by a roadblock maned by some thugs. Kynedrin pulls to a stop and the Pelekor gets off to discuss things with the leader, he first goes over to the wrong person before being corrected. The leader wants 1 gold each for each person traveling. At first the group is prepared to come to blows, until Bertrand reminds them how 100 silver is just 1 gold, as this is still too much for the group to pay, they send Kynedrin forward with the money. Soon they are quickly on their way, finally avoiding a fight. Managing to get out of the encounter without killing anyone gains the group 600 xp.

As the group continues to travel, turning northwards, they enter the Celeste Woods. As they travel the group notices a haunting atmosphere in the air and no sound, which is odd for a forest at this time of year. Several members of the group voice the concern that there could be Darkspawn in the area, they have heard about the trouble in Ferelden. They decided to tread carefully but quickly. Suddenly they are surrounded by bows and elves. Just before anyone can make any mistakes the leader gestures frantically and orders the bows down. He apologies to the strangers and introduces himself as Torkin, an elf larger than usual with metal amour rather than the leather of the elves, he explains that they've been on edge as they've been attacked every night for the past week by Darkspawn. The group inquire if the elves have seen anyone pass through the woods before them, Torkin answers that he saw a woman with scars down both cheeks racing through the woods, too fast for the elves to stop. The group, in particular Pelekor, asks if they can get an escort, Torkin offers them something else instead, if they come with him to the his Dalish camp then their Keeper, Kadrial, will be able to explain more. When the group inquires further, Torkin explains that they need the group's man power to fight the Darkspawn with the hunters to protect the Dalish clan while they escape, allowing both groups to escape together. When inquiring about payment, Torkin informs the group that the clan can give nothing in the way of a monetary reward, but the group can have access to the clan's crafts. The group agrees and follows Torkin and the Dalish into the camp. Once there they meet Kadrial, the clan's Keeper, an aged elf who is almost bent double by arthritis and age using his staff to keep upright, who welcomes the group and recognises Ozoren, he directs him over to a section of the camp where there are wounded. The group continues to question the plan, Kadrial explains that they will guard from behind and follow the Clan while together they leave the camp. The group then disperses into the camp, most go over to the craftsman to upgrade there equipment. Aedan realises that the crest on Torkin's armour is that of the Comte de Chellions, an extinct Orlisian noble house who were granted lands in Ferelden during the occupation, and ended up fighting a terrible war with their neighbours through the Grand Game, leading to the houses extinction during one night of murder and pashion. Confuse as to why an elf, a Dalish no less, would be wearing the armour of an extinct noble house, he goes over to inquire about it. All Torkin says is that it's "something he gained in another life."

Meanwhile Ozoren goes over to Mehra, the First of the Clan, the elf is surprised to see her old friend and partner. Tghey both inquire how the other has been, and Mehra asks if Ozoren has seen Naranni, their teacher, to which he says no. Ozoren also informs Mehra that he remains part of the Qun but believes in certain changes such as an identity, while Mehra has changed to follow the elven faith, utilising her magic for the good of the clan and became Kadrial's First. Ozoren informs Mehra that she should keep who he is quiet. It is at this point that Hani comes over and wraps his arm around Mehra, who introduces him as her Chosen. Ozoren is taken aback by this, but hides his feelings (of which he claims he has none). Following his introduction to Hani he backs away and leaves the couple, contemplating his next move.

The group, having purchased the items they need decide to wait around drinking until the time comes for them to act. An hour before sunset the elves begin to pack away the camp, hitch their halla to avarels, and begin to load the wounded and old onto them. The eight hunters gather around with the group and go over the plan, Torkin splits the fighters into two groups, after Pelekor fails to convince the elven Warleader that he should be the go between to avoid battle, he fails. The team at the back consists of Abelard, Bertrand, Ozoren, Pelekor, Torkin, and five Dalish hunters. The team at the front consists of Aedan, Crastis, two Dalish hunters, and Mehra. Noting that Hani is in his group, Ozoren decides to stick close to the elf, clearly the Qunari has a plan. Before they are able to plan further Fenrir begins to bark in the direction of the forest, Torkin and the hunters look over and realise the Darkspawn are coming, Torkin curses and tells everyone to be ready. Luckily the Avarals manage to leave the clearing, Aedan and Crastis at their head. As they walk Aedan sets Fenrir to sniff out for Darkspawn, and Crastis questions Mehra about her connection to Ozoren, who doesn't tell her much.

As a small horde of Darkspawn steps out of the woods ready for battle the battle begins. As the group stands ready as the Darkspawn charge, the hunters unleash a barrage of arrows dealing damage before it comes to blows. The team battles the Darkspawn managing to slay three Hurlocks and a Genlock through much difficulty. As the battle continues Pelekor beings to grow tire of battle since he is continually injured. With the death of three Darkspawn in front of them new, tougher Darkspawn stand in there way, seems it won't be easy to escape this battle.

Meanwhile up front, Fenrir warns the team that Darkspawn are approaching, thanks to the time warning the team received. Crastis is able to run forward and draw a glyph on the ground. As the Darkspawn approach, two gunlocks and an orge charge forward, the sight if the Ore terrifies the team. Thankfully the three Darkspawn reach the glyph freezing them in place. Aedan manages to see two stronger Darkspawn, he can't see features but can tell they're tougher, the team begins to attack the frozen Darkspawn. However, the clan is caught between Darkspawn to their rear and Darkspawn ahead, the avarals have no choice but to stop waiting for the front group to dispatch their enemies.

Chapter One
A meeting in an Elven City

Soon after their arrival in Halashiral, each member of the group is contacted by Kynedrin for a job and, in an attempt to keep a sense of mystery and cloak and dagger, he doesn't inform them what he and his brothers: Oswulf and Tymes are hiring them for. Telling them to be at the Fox and Flute by eight o'clock, where he will tell them of the mission. Each member of the group is confused as to why he would pick a pub in the elven slum. Either way the entire group goes down at seven thirty and meets at the pub.

As the only group of non-humans in the pub they easily congregate together, introduce one another and get to know each other by drinking. With their contact running late, the elven landlord, a notorious bigot, asks the group to leave, they are disturbing his customers. Looking around they can tell there aren't many people in here and that no one is even looking at them. The landlord is insistent and they leave.

Once outside Pelekor hears his noises coming from not far away that sound like someone is being beat up. Believing it to be their contact, the group approaches the sound and find Kynedrin being beaten up by a group of six elf and human ruffians. Seeing their contact being beaten up Pelekor, Abelard, and Crastis attempt to hang back, while Aedan, being raised a noble, steps forward with his dog drawing his sword telling them to step away. The ruffians, ordered not to leave any witnesses, attack. Aedan and Bertrand charge forward to meet the enemy, Bertrand does massive damage to one of the ruffians who runs away. Ozoren, being the first Qunari many people ever meet, and the last, just stares down his opponent freezing him in place. Pelekor, trying to stay out of the fight attracts the attention of a ruffian who charges at him. Two others also attack Crastis and Abelard. Crastis at this point notices another group of six ruffians led by a large heavily built human standing watching.

There is much faffing about, with the players being hit a good number of times, and missing a lot. Pelekor is dealt the most damage and nearly dying, and Aedan's weapon is smacked from his hand forcing him to dive for the weapon and missing another attack. The two mages hold there own trading blows with Arcane Blast. Ozoren manages to attack his frozen player before he gets back in the game. Bertrand seeing the second group beginning to congregate around the fallen dwarf Kynedrin, and leaps in to do battle with one of the ruffians. Abelard manges to kill his opponent and heals his fellow mage. It's at this point that everyone notices the enimies are attacking their friend. Crastis manages to whittle down her foe until he is dead at her feet, Ozoren manages to kill his opponent and sends him flying into Aedan's opponent, knocking the ruffian prone, this frees both fighters to charge into the second group. Abelard and Crastis take turns healing and launching out an arcane lance. With one man down and another two fighting the human lord and Tal-Vashoth, the leader of the kidnapping operation, Lendrid, tells two of his deputies to flee with Kynedrin, recognising the human, Crastis knows he is some sort of lieutenant in a gang and is very dangerious. It is then that Aedan remembers he has a dog telling Feynriel to go after the fleeing human and elf. Bartrand engages in a fight with the massive human, Aedan manages to kill his enemy before turning to another ruffian, and Ozoren manages to deal a dual strike on the two carrying Kynedrin as Feynriel bites onto the weaker one. Fighting Lendrid the Bertrand is afraid of death, but feeling the Makers love fill him, he fights on. As the two kidnappers flee with the Dwarf followed by Feynriel, Lendrid looks around, seeing his other men dead or fled, he flees himself.

The group heals up before Aedan leads them after his dog, Ozoren, before he follows Aedan, searches the bodies of the dead ruffians and finds a letter from an apparent leader Shesella. Finding his dog just past the alley, not wanting to be far from his master and realising that if he stays he can still track his quarry he leads them on a marry chase down the streets of Halamshiral until they arrive in the Ash Quarter where the dog has lost them due to the smell of ash and the winding streets. Realising they are lost Ozoren utilises his tracking skills to find footprints in the Ash but can't tell if there just carrying a box or the crate. Pelekor walks over to a homeless elf, he tosses him a silver and, asking him questions and getting rude answers the Qunari steps forward and picks up the rude elf by the neck terrifying him so much he craps his pants. Ozoren makes a joke about the pooping elf making everyone laugh. Putting the elf down he tells him to apologise to Pelekor and tell them if anyone went past this way. The elf, thoroughly terrified tells them all about Shesella and who went past carrying Kynedrin and where they went. Ozoren finishes by taking back Pelekor's silver and giving it back to the dwarf, however Aedan, wishing to show his good side, gives the elf one of his silvers, the elf will remember this.

With directions the group arrives at the Bleakwatch safe house, seeing a guard slowly falling asleep, the group approaches, with Pelekor and Ozoren taking the lead and attempting to replicate their Rocket/Groot double act Ozoren picks up the human by his neck fully terrifying the human and shocking his fellows except Pelekor and Aedan. They ask for information as to where Shesella is, pointing towards the big warehouse and the small building attached to it. Ozoren attempts to murder the guard but Aedan physically stops him and Pelekor orders him to let the guard go. The guard thanks them, gives them the key to Shesella's room, and runs off to his family.

Entering the safe house the group looks around and enter Shesella's room. Pelekor sets about vandalising the room, slashing clothes, stealing a bow, pooping in the trunk. Ozoren looks in the desk and finds a letter from Shesella's brother. Pelekor then opens the crate in the room revealing Lyrium which the lyrium smuggler and the two mages know. Finishing the exploration and vandalisim, the group decides to split up and enter the warehouse from both sides. Ozoren, Aedan, and Crastis enter from another warehouse, hearing the sounds of an interrogation the group decides to sneak in, Crastis has enough time to cast a glyph of paralysis in front of her before the open door is noticed. At the same time Pelekor, Abelard, and Bertrand enter from the front, hearing the interrogation they bum rush the door arriving in a box filled lobby, decideing to bum rush the next door they run in just as the other group.

Realising she is surrounded, Shesella attempts too convince the group to work with her. At first Pelekor is open to a deal, but when she suggests killing Kynedrin, Pelekor refuses, Shesella is adament that Kynedrin must die. Refusing this the group prepares to attack. Just then the Templar, Tarik enters, that mages can tell he is a lyrium addict, he screams for his lyrium. Shesella points at Pelekor and says he has the Lyrium, to which he charges at the group. The others charge at Shesella. She falls to the combined might of Pelekor, Adan, and Ozoren, the sudden death of their leader and tyrent shocks the Bleakwatch gang so much that they run away. Bertrand turns to the Templar who is solely focused on the dwarf. Lendrid, seeing the love of his life murdered in front of him roars in rage and charges at the Qunari dealing damage. Everyone else focuses on the Templar, the mages attempt to attack both the Templar and Lendrid but their Arcan Lances are far less powerful than what they used to be, their magic bouncing of their armour. Aedan attempts to convince the Templar that Bleakwatch has the Lyrium, but Tavrik is too blind with need that he doesn't hear the ferelden noble.

For fighting a group of 12 enemies, and haveing a very difficult time fighting the group gains 400 XP each. For killing Shesella in less than one round Pelekor, Aedan, and Ozoren gain 250 XP each.


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