Invisible Chains

Chapter Twelve

Captured Thrice

Continuing on from last session, the three trouble makers continue the battle with the two shades. As the shades to tremendous damage to the group, the Selvalar and Ozoren decide to light up torches to attack the ghosts, while Crastis, chased by a shade, runs into the parlour and strikes it with three powerful Arcane Lances. Meanwhile, seeing that their torches are doing little damage, Ozoren throws his torch, setting fire to a painting, and runs out of the house. Noticing that the shade won’t leave the threshold, he begins to moon it and throw stuff at it, the Qunari begins to hallucinate his mother as the shade and he goes over to give it a hug, and gets hurt as a result, backing away again. Selvalar decides to make a run through the house, managing to make it to the kitchen at the back, she creeps out and manages not to attract the Shade waiting at the door. Walking up the stairs she steps on a creaky step, steps on a cat’s tail which yells out, steps on a horn that was left there for some reason, before stepping on a series of pots and pans that go skittering down the stairs. Seeing that none of that has alerted the shade, the adventure lets out a sigh, which attracts the shade. Seeing an intruder has bypassed it, the Shade runs (floats) at the adventurer, who runs up the stairs. While Crastis, having healed herself twice, is finally defeated by the Shade knocking her down, as she feels her life drain away she sees the shade looking down at her curious. Ozoren sees a pair of guards walking down the road and decides to enlist their help, telling them that they were there to deliver a package and that there’s a mage and ghosts in the house that attacked them, one runs off while the other peers through the front window and sees a shade menacing over Crastis. Meanwhile Selvalar reaches the top of the stairs and opens the left door and finds herself in a bathroom, ducking out she manages to avoid being attacked by the shade, opening the right door she finds Hessarius sitting in bed annoyed. He asks why they have broken into his house, while Selvalar says that they were supposed to deliver a package, Hessarius is confused and doesn’t believe the adventurer so he uses magic to knock her out of the room and into the waiting arms of a shade, dealing damage to her. Selvalar has to watch as the door to the bedroom snaps shut and locks itself. The adventurer then struggles out of the Shade’s arms and runs into the bathroom, opening a cupboard Selvalar finds a bunch of vials of red liquid, he drinks one which, thanks to the placebo effect, gives him back some health, then throws another at the shade, missing it and hitting the wall.

At this moment the guard breaks down the window and gets into the house to rescue Crastis just as her vison goes dark, the last thing she sees is a man helping her. Thankfully the elf has just been knocked unconscious. Seeing the two shades vanish like smoke, Selvalar leaves the house just as a group of guards, and a Templar, rock up asking questions, while Selvalar and Ozoren explain the same story: they were delivering a package and got attacked by the mage with his ghosts. At this time Hessarius arrives out the front of his house, the Templar confronts him about being a mage, which Hessarius doesn’t deny before showing the Templar a document. The Templar shrugs and states he can’t do anything, before leaving. Hessarius then explains that he was just sleeping in bed when the two broke into his house and attacked his servant (gesturing at an unconscious Crastis). Seeing how there is a Qunari involved (and also Hessarius is upper class) the guards believe the Magister. They arrest Ozoren and Selvalar and ask if they should take Crastis to the hospital, Hessarius declines. As everyone leaves he looks over at Crastis and smiles with glee having finale got his property back.

Meanwhile, waking up from a fitful rest, Pelekor and Aedan go down for a good breakfast, and ignore the two unconscious individuals, and decide to have a good day it, unconcerned with what happened with the three from last night.

At the same time, Selvalar and Ozoren awaken back in prison. After being served a watery soup and iron-like bread, they are released after having been bailed out by Ullrich Caunish, the Magister who hoped to help Crastis. Noticing she had not returned to the inn that night, he became worried, checking up on her he discovered that two idiots had been arrested at Hessarius’ house, believeing them to be friends of Crastis’ he bailed them out. Asking the pair to return to the house and rescue the elf, in return he pays them five gold and a chicken finger.

Back at the house, Crastis awakens stripped to her unmentionables and tied to a table, looking around the dim musty smelling room that she has fleeting memories of what happened last night, believing she was somehow captured by Hessarius and believing he has something awful in store for her (having seen a work top covered in blood and tools). She attempts to break out of her bonds, managing to wriggle her right hand she unties herself, gets off the table, and, seeing a door, and attempts to break out. Finding out the door is locked she attempts to find something to help bust out, locating a butcher’s knife as the best thing, she smashes it against the door causing a big splinter in it, but it’s still intact, after failing to swing it a second time she hears another door open and footsteps walking down a set of stairs. Dropping the butcher’s knife and running back to the table, Crastis manages to tie herself back up just as Hessarius enters the room carrying a tray full of food, he fails to notice the fallen knife. After having a small chat, Hessarius feeds his former slave a weak broth, after she says something he doesn’t like the Magister hits Crastis and leaves the room. Realising that Hessarius is far crazier than what he was like when she left him, Crastis is that much more determined to escape.

Arriving at the house, Selvalar and Ozoren go around the nearby alley to scale the gardens and walls to get to the back garden. Arriving at the right garden, the two rogues attempt to sneak into the house, not noticing the glyph on the door they open the door. Hearing the sound of someone rushing through the house towards them, they both decide to hide, Ozoren runs towards the cupboard and manages to close the door before Hessarius come out into the kitchen, while Selvalar jumps into the long grass. Unfortunately for the Nevarran he is spotted by the Magister and sent flying into the air by his magic, before crashing back into the ground again. Meanwhile Ozoren, who manages to get the door open, charges at the Magister and stabs him in the back. At the same time, noticing it’s been a while, Crastis decides to make a break for it, getting out of her bonds again, she grabs the knife again and manages to smash the door hard enough that the lock brakes. Opening the door she attempts to leave, not noticing the stairs she trips up, but catches herself. Winded for a moment, Selvalar, still on the ground, manages to throw a grenade at the mage, who had just faile a sleep spell, doing tremendous damage to him. Managing to put the fire out, Hessarius realises too late that he is dealing some powerful individuals, summoning a red shield he prepares, stabbing him again, Ozoren feels his life is drained but it is not enough to save the mage. As he gasps for breath he sees Crastis emerge from the basement door, calling out to her he says: “I just wanted to,” before dying. Seeing the Magister is dead, the group then goes through his house looting everything they can; Crastis gets her equipment back, while Ozoren and Aedan steal money, they then leave the horrible house behind forever.

Arriving back at the inn, Pelekor and Aedan couldn’t care less about the three, while Crastis goes up stairs to find Abelard and Bertrand. Realising very quickly that Bertrand is very sick and that Abelard is dead, she comes back downstairs to inform the group, Pelekor and Aedan still don’t care, while Selvalar and Ozoren snap into action again. Crastis goes off to find the doctor to fix up Bertrand, leaving Abelard to the others. Selvalar, as Abelard’s childhood neighbour and a fellow Nevarran believes that there should be a mortalitasi that can burry Abelard, to find one he journeys to the Grand Cathedral. Ozoren decides to just set him on fire, but just can’t bring himself to do so, deciding that, as a mage, the Chantry should decide what to do with him, he leaves to take Abelard’s corpse to the Grand Cathedral.

Arriving at the Grand Cathedrial, Selavalr goes to look for a mortalitasi, searching around for a while, he spends time inside the chantry, seeing the beautiful paints and statues, and hearing the singing of the chant, Selvalar also receives a wanted notice with Ozoren and Abelard’s face on them. Meanwhile Ozoren arrives at the Cathedrial, noticed immediately, he is arrested by the Templars and taken to White Spire, the nearby Circle of Magi, where Abealrd’s body is taken off him and put in another cell.

Meanwhile Crastis manages to bribe the backstreet doctor at the Prattling Prince to make a house call for Bertrand. Arriving at the Inn, he manages to fix Bertrand up and he looks better, the doctor informs Crastis that the Orlesian will be up and about in a day or so. Racing back to the inn, Selvalar shows the wanted poster to the group, realising that Ozoren has been gone a while, Kynedrin has no choice but to order an evacuation of the inn. After having a terse conversation with Pelekor, they leave the dwarf behind, while Aedan also decides to remain behind before the demon instructions kick in forcing him to go, together they cart Bertrand out. Left to his own devices Pelekor orders a new room for himself and his body guards. Arriving at a dingy little inn in the Pauve district, the group sets up and orders some dinner, with Crastis eating in her room to avoid the stares.

Across the city in the White Spire, a male Templar closes a file and looks up at a Revered Mother: “shall we begin,” he says.

In a large estate servants prepare for a party, while the lady of the house muses the decisions to take.

In a town house in a rich part of the city, an ex-Chevalier makes a toast while a mysterious man sits in an armchair. “How many have you gotten?” he asks. “I had two,” the man answers, “Only one now.”

In a safe house the Enlightened Brotherhood prepare for an attack, their mages preparing spells, their soldiers sharpening swords.

At the Prison the guards also prepare, while a guard in an office who looks in charge re-reads a letter of orders he has received from his superiors. He places it down, then brings out a charcoal drawing of himself when he was younger with two others: “Why did you have to be so stupid,” he mutters.

While in an inn an angry man wearing Templar armour and a cloak with a white starburst on it fumes, he paces up and down: “Damn that Garrett,” he mutters, “How stupid can he be, when we’re so close.”

All of this occurs this night, none will know what the morning will bring, but all have their destiny’s tied up with the heroes of this story, and a party all will attend. Meanwhile the dreams will come.



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