Invisible Chains

Chapter Thirteen

When you gaze long into the abyss...

Continuing the adventure, preparing for a long day tomorrow the group gets some sleep. With Bertrand having finally gotten over his fever, he is able to dream. The commoner dreams of the entire Templar Order kneeling before him, having been influenced by his adventur with the Purifiers to join the real Templars and reform them from within, Bertrand orders the Templars to strike down all those who stand against him and to purge from their ranks all zealots. Fading into black Bertrand is branded with the same mark as Abelard and Aedan, as he awakens he finds the same mark on his upper arm.

Meanwhile Crastis also dreams. Having finally gotten rid of her former master, and feeling free for the first time, she dreams of her Master bound before her, a knife in her hand, as a voice whispers for her to kill him. Before she can make a decision the scene shifts to again show her the cloaked wolf who warns her not to kill either the drug dealer nor the mage. Shifted back to the original scene, Crastis believes the wolf was referring to her Master before her, droping the knife she turns and walks away, the voice whispers: "strange, I thought revenge would be your thing, seems I miscalculated."

Meanwhile, while the rest of the group enjoys their sleep in comfortable settings, Ozoren has to endure a night in the Templar dungeons. Awoken rudely at 0700, he is dragged to an interrogation room and is strapped to a chair, shortly after Seeker Nathan Victors and Revered Mother Valeriane Gisele come in to interrogate. After attempting to spin a story about how he is just here for work traveling with Aedan, the Seeker easily sees through his lies and orders the Mother to torture him, failing to break either of his ankles before smashing his kneecap, the Qunari gives them the names of his skulls and the name of the Inn. Believing that they will get nothing out of the Qunari, the Seeker asks if Ozoren has let the Chant of Light into his heart. Getting a negative the Revere Mother brands him with the Sun of Light before proceeding to torture him. Leaving the Mother to perform her holy work, Victors leaves to do some investigating.

Meanwhile the rest of the group awakens from a fitful rest and decides to spend their remaining day shopping for items they need to party. Crastis and Bertrand go and buy a dress and shiny armour respectively, along with a mask to go with both. Aedan shines his own armour, making it look party able. At the same time Pelekor is enjoying breakfast when the inn is invaded by a contingent of Templars led by Seeker Victors, sweeping through the inn the Seeker approaches Pelekor and asks if he can sit, while his bodyguards are nervous the dwarf acquiesces the request. Asking him neumerious questions about wh he's in the city, and about Ozoren and Aedan, the Seeker is initially suspicious of the dwarf and tells the Templars to take him in. Before they can arrest him Pelekor convinces them that he doesn't  know where the others have gone. Victors believes him, apologises for the intrusion, and leaves. The Dwarven tradesman then goes out shopping and replaces his armour with a cloth suit and mask.

Meanwhile, Ozoren has succumbed to the torture, revealed everything he knows about why the group is in the city and all about Blaen. He also recites the Chant of Light and prays to Andraste, believing that his skulls spoke with the voice of the Maker. Seeker Victors and Mother Gisele then intrust the newly converted Tal-Vasoth to infiltrate the party at Lady Senova's estate and kill Blaen. To this end they give him a party tunic and a cow mask, along with this they return all of his stuff. He then leaves White Spire to preach the word of the Maker before the party.

With all members of the group ready, Kynedrin hires a carrige to take them to the party in style. Picking up Pelekor and his bodyguards, they leave for the party. Arriving there they all present their invites and mingle in the crowd of party goers, while Pelekor orders his bodyguards to remain outside. At the party Pelekor and Kynedrin remain at the edge and try to ignore everyone, Kynedrin watches the wall like its a piece of art. While Bertrand seeing Ozoren attempting to preach the Maker is insulted and tells the Qunari off for it. Selvalar finds Lord Romain Senova and, after a dance with him, is taken to meet his mother. While Aedan finds Lady Marcellette Senova, after flirting for a time she takes him to introduce him to Blaen (whom Aedan tells Marcellette is an old friend). Crastis finds Edwin sat at a table by himself looking annoyed, going to sit with him the two Tevinter Elves make conversation, she thanks him for sending Selvalar and Ozoren to save her life, while Edwin regrets that they had to kill Hessarius but understands it, he then hands her a certificate guaranteeing her status as a free elf.

Over the course of the party the whole group locatets both Ardal and Blaen, with both Aedan and Ozoren approaching him. Ozoren, having gotten into an altercation with another lord, is challenged to a duel, he names Blaen his champion and manages to convince him that the lord said insulting things about him. Going outisde, most of the group watches as Blaen takes two seconds to kill the other lord. Both Bertrand and Crastis are terrified by his skill, while Ozoren and Aedan believe they can take him.

After the duel Blaen and Ardal then make their move, followed by Blaen's bodyguards (including a free Alizera) and Ardal's three purifiers. The group follows them into the kitchen and then down into the basement, Crastis makes sure to tell the blonde servant her pass phrase, while Selvalar informs one of the house guards of their pass phrase. Decending down into the basement both Aedan and Crastis feel a chill as if in some previous life bad things happened in basements. Listening to Ardal and Blaen discuss matters of importance, the group decides to just charge straight in. Taken by surprise, Pelekor manages to sneak behind Blean and deliever a devastating attack while Kynedrin throws an axe at him, Ozoren manages to use his knew found faith to bless the party. Having been severally wounded Blean calls out to Rein, who for some reason is standing in the corner head bowed, to help. Rein then puts his arm out, and both Bertrand and Aedan are both commanded to kill Blaen, which Bertrand does slicing the ex-chevalier in half.

The battle then changes drastically, there is a flash as a desire demon, appears beside Blaen's body and picks up the fallen chain, she then commands all those in her power (Alizera, the two duelists, the purifiers, Bertrand, and Aedan) to kill all those who oppose her. The group, numbering just four (Selvalar had waited at the basement door to attack anyone who tried to run out), and Ardal who was not marked, are severally outnumbered, luckily they are saved by the timely arrival of Fabre bringing 5 guards with him. The two groups then clash.

Ardal is forced to take on his Purifiers before Bertrand strikes him and they move on to the guards. Aedan attacks various members of the group, severally injuring Pelekor in the process. Crasits barely manages to resist a vulnurability hex from the desire demon, while Ozoren engages the demon himself, attemping to knock the chain from her hand. Continuing the battle, Selvalar hears the basement door open again and wonders who else is coming down. Now dealing with a full fledged battle for survival, the group will have to use all the wits and cunning if they want to see the morning.



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