Escaped Elven Slave


Crastis is a female elf of 18.
She has blonde short hair and a collection of tattoos on her face, the permanent mark of her past slave condition. She hates necklaces.
She’s quite tall, with a lean and delicate figure that well hides her real strength.
She always wears human clothes and matched-colour bands on her hair to hide her ears as best as possible. She likes green and brown colours.
She has a short black cloak, the wide hood on her hair when walking along the streets, the hidden pockets containing a couple of sharp knives and other miscellaneous objects she likes to carry with her.
At her waists, a leather belt with few small pockets hanging (containing ingredients for her spells) and some pendants – a couple of leather strings with small pale stones at their end, a short silver chain with two dice, and a ring of braided black and white silk wires.


Crastis was born in Tevinter, second daughter of a slave elf belonging to the wealthy and respected family of one of the Magisters.
When she was still very young, her mother discovered that Crastis had some uncommon capabilities. So, she secretly took the baby to an old elven slave that was known to be a witch, and implored her to start teaching Crastis about magic – sure that this was the only hope for her daughter to get rid of her chains.
Since then, Crastis grew up living a double life. During her daily activities she acted as a normal, fairly dumb, elf slave. And in the nights, hidden from the Magister and his family, Crastis spent hours learning how to cast spells.
The hard training and her uncommon capabilities led her to learn quickly all the spells the old witch could teach, and to be always thirsty for more.

Her life was flowing quite easily when one fateful day she was chosen, together with few other young and pretty slaves, to escort and serve the Magister during a feast at the house of a rich local merchant.
Once there, the young girls discovered with horror that the Magister intended to give one of them to serve the merchant lust in exchange for his economical support. The merchant, delighted with such proposal, walked straight to Crastis and grabbed her by her collar. In spite of her iterated protests, she was draught to a nearby room and thrown on the cushions on the floor while the merchant started to get rid of his rich dress.
Terrorised, she started mumbling, the words of her most powerful spell flowing on her lips. And in few seconds, the merchant was lying on the floor, unconscious.
Re-gaining her courage, she stood up, silently left the small room and slowly walked through the main hall.
The people there were too busy with the music and the food, and she was able to reach, unnoticed, the main door.
Once outside, she ran as fast as she could, to the market place and farer, towards the main gates. Luck and chance on her side, she managed to sneak out and dash off in the woods.

After some days of work, she finally got rid of her collar, and, with this, her second life began.
She spent the next few years hiding in the forests, avoiding any contacts with humans and elves alike, slowly moving southward. Until one day she arrived to the gates of Halamshiral.
Tired of her solitude and encouraged by the presence of other elves, she managed to get in touch and gain the trust of the small and secret community of escaped slaves that lives there.
Since then, she’s been hiding with them, helping with some small thievery and her magic abilities.


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