Bertrand Deschamps

Orlesian Commoner


Bertrand was born the 6th child to a family of Orlesian farmers in the settlement of Veraval, part of the claose region. From a young age Bertrand found him self dissatisfied with his lot in life always dreaming of life as a knight or noble, a notion his father Bruno Deschamps was very quick to put down often beating Bertrand for his “foolish dreams”.
Eventually Bertrand learned to quietly toil away on the farm, losing all hope of a life beyond Veraval. This was the case for much of his childhood until a contingent of members of the Templar Order rode through the town on a search for apostate. Bertrand immediately jumped at the chance for a break in the monotony of his current life and followed the Templar, asking them ceaseless questions about their life as knight in the capital Val Royeaux. When it was explained to him that many of their number were simply low-born that had taken pious vows to become part of the chantry and to protect humanity from the insidious power of magic untamed Bertrand realised there was a means to escape his dull farmers life. As the Templar rode on Bertrand was renewed with vigour, working far harder on the farm, strengthening his body and taking on odd jobs in the town in exchange for small payments. This continued on for several years until at the tender age of
15 Bertrand had saved enough money to buy some rather meagre equipment. He left in the middle of the night and to travel to Val Royeaux, hoping to begin the Templars rigorous training.
When he arrived it soon became abundantly clear that while Bertrand was physically strong from his years as a farm hand he was both very green in combat and largely unaware of the religious
knowledge of the chantry required to become and Templar , having only really learned the basics from church as well as from word of mouth around the village and was turned away.
Crushed, Bertrand felt he could not return home after having vanished so suddenly and so sought more unsavoury work while hoping to learn what it means to be both a warrior and a man of the Chantry. This has been the case from approximately 6 months, with Bertrand having just turned 16 by the start of the campaign.

Bertrand is a rather well built man despite his age. He has blond hair and blue eyes as well as a square jaw. Having lived fairly roughly for 6 months and doing odd jobs he is currently quite dishevelled.

Bertrand Deschamps

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