Invisible Chains

Chapter Seven

Dream Quest and Time Travel

Back at the Inn Pelekor decides to visit the library at the University of Orlais. However along the way he notices he is being followed by Selvalar and Bertrand, as he wants to go on his own Pelekor decides to stop of at a café to dodge them, he asks the barista if there is anywhere in the city that he can get weapon training. The barista suggests the Academie des Chevaliers which is the best training facility in the city, however knowing that the dwarf can’t afford that, he recommends an ex-soldier at the Prancing Unicorn who can train him. Arriving to find the drunken man, he is told to come back in three hours. Arriving back at the appointed time, Pelekor is trained in the art of wearing heavier armor. Pelkor then spends the rest of the day sleeping; the dwarf then experiences something for the first time in his life a dream, seeing his brothers and a diamond.

Selvalar, continuing on to the library, manage to get past the guard and decide to go their separate ways once inside. Selvalar finds an old heavily damaged book in a glass case, managing to steal the book without anyone noticing, he hightails it back to the Inn. Bertrand, failing to find any information on Blaen, decides to spend the day reading about religion.

Aedan, who had not done much the past day, decides to go shopping for new armor and picks up the masks the group had ordered the previous day. Returning to the Inn, he meets with Selvalar who shows him the book, Aedan tells him it is from Ancient Tevinter and probably has something to do with the Old Gods, and they also discover a note written in Orlesian, which neither of them read.

At the same time on the Dream Quest Ozoren and Abelard travel to the Belle Marché looking for Fabian. After failed attempts at threatening, smashing a prized pot used to collect money for the poor, and the theft of two carrots and a cabbage, they finally manage to find Fabian. After some more threatening, they get Fabian to lead them to his gang’s hideout. After two failed escape attempts, Fabian leads them to the hideout, and then manages to get out of Ozoren’s grip. He is then killed when hit by an Arcane Lance and a throwing axe at the same time. Hearing the comotion outside, a group of three thugs exit the hideout and attack the group. Rein and Abelard manage to kill one, before Ozoren kills two in a cool display of acrobatics and dexterity, the coolness then disappears when he cuts the head off one of the thugs, naming the head Jeff, he begins to carry it around with him thoroughly freaking everyone out. After calling for the remaining drug dealers to come out, Ozoren kicks down the door, the sight of the seven foot ox-man clutching their friend’s head causes the two thugs to surrender. After giving up all the gold they had in the hideout, they let the two go. Rein then locates the Lyrium detoxifier, just before Ozoren sets the whole place on fire, his second arson of the day. Following this, the three return to Rein’s house where he administers the detoxifier to his wife, once she shows improvement Rein takes Ozoren aside and deals with his demon problem, but not before he burns Jeff down into a skull out of annoyance. After Ozoren has drunken the prepared potion he begins to feel woozy and hallucinate, as Rein checks the Qunari’s Fade signature Ozoren notices that the mages eyes glow momentarily pink but disregards it in his tricked state of mind. After a few minutes Rein announces that he can’t find any sign of a demon. As the two prepare to leave, Rein pulls Abelard aside and tells him that he had a dream the other day that involved Abelard’s mentor Pancake the Bewildered, who told him to tell Abelard that “they are coming”, and to “trust in the bottle.”

At the same time, Crastis continues to the Docks hoping to finish her mission. She locates someone who looks like the courier, upon approach she realises she has been duped and that the woman waiting for her is none other than the apprentice of her ex-master. As she attempts to run away she is chased by two hired thugs, fortunately she manages to lose them in the maze of back streets. After a failed attempt at disguising herself, the elf returns to the Inn and requests the help of everyone (except Pelekor who is sleeping). The whole group returns to the docks in full force, the apprentice (or witch as they dub her) approaches them and asks to buy Crastis from them, Aedan requests a proof of ownership, which the woman happily obliges, he then promptly tears it up before stating that “people aren’t property”, to which she says back: “she’s an elf, their barely people.” The two groups then engage in combat. At the start of battle Crastis falls into the water and needs rescuing. Aedan and Bertrand both attack the apprentice together knock9ng her down, while Ozoren in an unlikely hero move goes to rescue Crastis, lowering himself from one hand he manages to grab hold of the drowning mage, but just he is about to pull them both up one of the hired thugs uses his hammer to break Ozoren’s hand, thankfully quick dexterity allows him to swap hands, but he lets go of Crastis to do it. Seeing what is happening, Selevar aims her arrows at the thug hoping to cover Ozoren. Meanwhile the mage rising from the attack reveals herself as a bloodmage casting a red arcane shield and launching an arcane bolt at her attackers, while Abelard attempts to counter with his own Arcane Lance, however thanks to the shield it is reflected back on Abelard, while Bertrand feels his strength being sapped. Both Aedan and Bertrand attempt to attack again, Bertrand’s weapon is reflected, but Aedan manages to pierce her heart killing her. With the death of their boss the two goons try to flee the battlefield, but Aedan manage to take one down before the other flees. Meanwhile Ozoren, desperate to save Crastis for some reason only he could answer throws caution to the wind and attempts to grab her with his broken hand, but can’t stand the pain and lets her go for the second time. As the elf sinks beneath the waves Ozoren is pulled up by Aedan, while Crastis manages to grab onto the docks and clamber up herself. Ozoren, whose broken hand had been in dirty water, begins to feel a painful throb in his hand. He then stands up; pulls out his sword and attempts to cut off the apprentices head, but for some reason can’t bring himself to do so. The Qunari sheaths the sword and cradles his broken hand.

Crastis then spots the real courier on the next dock watching them. After giving the passcode they exchange the package for another scrap of paper wone that contains futher instructions for another job.

The next day Pelekor awakens from his dream and heads to the library at the crack of dawn, waiting until the building opens before entering. He speaks to the librarian and asks about the Article of Thiags, the librarian admits he has never heard of that item, Pelekor believes he is lying and offers money. Taking the dwarf deeper into the library, the librarian explains that he has already sold the article to the Grand Cathedrial, when Pelekor again points out that he is obviously lying the librarian attempts a run for it but the Dwarf easily catches him. Threatening him with his knife, the librarian tells him that the article is back at his apartment and he can give it to him. Believeing that the librarian is still lying to him Pelekor stabs him in both of his legs, realising that the librarian is repeating his story and is probably telling the truth apologises and carries the injured librarian to his apartment. Leaving the man to find the article, Pelekor notices that someone is trying to break in from the back window. Opening the window causing the wannabe burglar to lose their grip and fall to the ground. After a few insults back and forth between the dwarven burglar team on the ground and Pelekor, he shoots the dwarven leader causing the others to flee leaving their injured friends. The librarian, having heard the commotion, emerges from his room and asks what’s happening, Pelekor lies saying it’s nothing and the man decides not to push. He then hands over the article and tells him to “get the fuck out of my apartment.” Leaving, Pelekor then travels to the Dwarven consulate and addresses a letter and package to his brother containing the Article sending both off to him. He then leaves and returns to the Inn.



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