Invisible Chains

Chapter Nine

The Murder of Shamus the Antiquitarian Fisherman

After their travels in the sewers, the group arrives back at the Moonlight Cat Inn. As they are all stinking from the sewers, they decide to all take a bath and get clean. Following this Pelekor rejoins the group and decides to look over the treasure that the group gained from their trip underground, stating that he could get 1600 gold for the whole of it, the group decide to give it to him, in return for a 15% commission.

The group then decides to try and find an Antiquarian to translate the book. Remembering that there is one by the river Aedan manages to guide the group down to the shop: Shamuses’ Fishing Supply Store and Library. Arriving at the store they find the owner to be dressed as a sea captain, not trusting him to be a good translator they ask him to tell them if they can find a good translator for a family tome. After the group reveals that the book is written in Ancient Tevene, Shamus reveals that he did his dissertation on Ancient Tevene and that he can translate it. As the group had lied saying that the book is back at the inn, they take him back to the inn and up to their room.

Once there, they hand him the book. After a few minutes Shamus manages to translate a portion of the book, revealing that the book is called The Black Book of Andoral and that it contains folk tales. Only one story is complete and he recites it to the group, telling them about an escaped slave who ran away, met a spirit, was imbued with tremendous power, but had their soul bounded to the spirit’s forever. Finding similarities to the story of the elf they met underground, the group is freaked out. Deciding that they need to keep the translator quiet, the group discuss whether to kill him, hearing this Shamus decides that he should leave and promises not to tell anyone. Pelekor becomes suspicious when the guy doesn’t ask for his fee, despite explaining that he could never charge for doing a job translating a family heirloom. Not trusting him, Pelekor orders Ozoren to bar the door, the Qunari, fascinated by the guy’s skull, readily complies. Seeing no way out, and not wanting to die, Shamus runs for the window, Pelekor trips him up and kills him with his axe. Horrified by the murder the group is further horrified when Ozoren takes Shamus’ head and begins to remove the flesh. Many years later the legend of the Dwarf Killer spreads throughout Val Royeaux.

As he is being berated by the group Pelekor leaves for his room. The rest of the group decides to hide the body, Selvalar manages to unlock the door to another room and the group takes the body into the room, they also manage to clean up the crime scene in their room without leaving behind any evidence. Selvalar decides to strip Shamus to hide his identity; unfortunately the Nevarran Adventurer drops her necklace. Closing the door Selvalar realises she cannot close the door with just her knife, remembering that Pelekor can lock/unlock doors, she knocks on his room. Hearing the pounding, and having murdered and tortured numerous people; and having died twice, Pelekor has a mental breakdown, screaming at the door Pelekor hides under his bed. Not getting any response the rest of the group decides to make sure that Pelekor will be arrested by spreading evidence and blood from Pelekor’s room to the one with Shamus in it.

While hiding under the bed Pelekor falls asleep and begins to dream. He sees a huge ogre charging at him as a voice calls on him to run away, after running around avoiding the ogre and a second ogre that appears soon after; Pelkor goes on the offensive and attacks both ogres beheading them both. The voice expresses surprise at Pelekor’s choice, and the dwarf wakes up. Seeing the blood and rags around his door, Pelkor kicks the stuff down to the room Aedan’s staying in, descending downstairs, feeling very fresh and without any trace of the breakdown that he suffered early today, he decides to sell the treasure. While at the same time Bertrand visits Garatt and arranges to take part in the Purifier ritual the next night.

At the same time Crastis, Bertrand, and Aedan decide to get ready for their assassination mission, having been tasked by Edwin to kill Lord Conte, an Orlesian noble who is attempting to prevent any trade deal with the Imperium, in order to achieve this the three are given theatre tickets and fake names: Briala, Bertrand de Champs, and a bodyguard respectively. After buying some poison, Bertrand and Aedan nearly have to sleep with the proprietor to gain a discount; the group goes to the theatre.

Arriving at the theatre the three must check their weapons before they are shown up to the VIP box. Entering the room the trio see Lord Conte and his wife, after being offered wine and introducing each other Lord Conte reveals he is actually Arl Lennon Ryer, one of the conspirators who killed Moria Therin and supposedly died during the Battle of the River Dane, when Aedan calls him out on this fact Ryer doesn’t deny it. Returning to the discussions Ryer explains that Tevinter poses a grave threat to the rest of Thedas and as long as they remain focuses on the Qunari they will not try to conquer their former territories. Part way through Crastis gets up to hand the poison to Aedan, returning to her seat they continue discussions, half way through the meeting Ryer orders Aedan to get him some wine and ham slices, having poisoned both Aedan readily hands both over to Ryer, who attempts to continue the discussion but starts to cough and then keels over dead.

Pretending to be shocked by the death, everyone in the room stands up. After checking the body, Conte’s wife runs over to get help. She stops at the door and locks it, turning around she states that Conte promised her she could kill them if he died, revealing a sword the groups do battle. Aedan, managing to get the drop on the wife/bodyguard, smashes a bottle against her head which does little damage and he is left with a shard. Bertrand manages to find a hidden sword, while Crastis, who managed to sneak in her staff, attacks with an arcane lance. Aedan manages to deal a lot of damage before the wife can attack again, stabbing her in the chest, while Bertrand finishes her off with his new bastard sword. Seeing the death in the room and realising that no one has noticed they decide to leave. Bertrand realises that if they leave it will be considered a grave insult, Aedan decides to just roll with it. As they leave the maître d' approaches asking where they’re going, Bertrand explains that the play was insulting to him; the maître d' explains that it is an Orlesian classic. Refusing to listen to any begging and offers to meet with the theatre director, the trio leave with their stuff just as the maître d' walks upstairs to bring a fresh bottle of wine to Lordy and Lady Conte.

Arriving back at the Inn the group begins to get ready for sleep. Finding out that Pelekor moved the blood trail, Aedan goes upstairs and tries to clean it up. At the same time Colonel Febre arrives at the inn with a bunch of guards and arrests Ozoren and Selvalar, Aedan also hears that they are also seeking him, he runs out the window to escape justice. Fabre orders a chase of the Ferelden lord, who is caught a few hours later. All three are taken to prison.

Meanwhile at the inn, Pelekor tells the group that he has converted the teasure, selling it for 200 more gold than he said he would, Pelekor pockets the 200 plus his commission and gives the rest (split between the six) to the others. Soon after Kynedrin arrives and explains to the group that they have attracted interest from a Lady Albinson who knows how to get access to Blaen, apparently Blaen is attending a party later this week and Albinson can get them access, explaining that they need to be at her manor by eleven o’clock in the morning. After explaining this all Kynedrin realises that three of their number are missing, Pelekor gives Kynedrin 200 gold each for the three members (taken from their share of the treasure) to get the trio out of prison as a bribe. Agreeing, Kynedrin leaves for the prison while the rest of the group settles in to sleep.

Abelard has a dream of his old mentor Pancake the Bewildered who offers him a bottle of alcohol, a voice in his head tells him to trust in the bottle. Agreeing with the voice and trusting his mentor the alcoholic takes the bottle and drinks it, the liquid burns down his throat and the mage feels a burning sensation on his palm, seeing the weird brand being burned into his hand. Abelard screams in pain, and wakes up, looking at his hand, Abelard sees the brand on his hand, deciding to hide the mark Abelard cuts the palm of his hand open and wraps it in a bandage. Meanwhile Bertrand dreams of his father and his time training to be a Templar.

Meanwhile at the prison, as dawn breaks the trio of Selvalar, Ozoren, and Aedan awaken and are ushered into a large interrogation room. Fabre appears and tells the three the crimes they’ve been charged with (murder, arson, and murder, respectively). He informs the group that he doesn’t care about the charges, and offers the trio a deal, in return for going to a party at Lady Senova’s estate and informing the guards of when Blaen and purifier leader Ardal go off in private together he will drop the charges and the trio will leave the city and never come back. After agreeing to the deal, the trio get their stuff, receive their invites, and leave the prison.

Leaving the prison the trio find Kynedrin muttering to himself and pacing up and down the street outside the prison. Questioning what the dwarf is doing, Kynedrin explains that he was coming to use their treasure share to bribe their freedom, Aedan is sceptical but shrugs and takes the money off the dwarf and divvies up their shares. Realising that the money is not enough Kynedrin explains that Pelekor has the money. Arriving back at the inn Kynedrin takes full credit for getting the three out of prison. Seeing Pelekor surrounded by several individuals Aedan goes straight over to him, pissed off that he had to take the wrap for Pelekor’s crime and that he hasn’t gotten his full share, and starts to berate the dwarf. Pelekor’s two bodyguards stand in between Aedan and their employer. Just as Aedan prepares to draw his weapon and attack, a feeling of calm serenity washes over the Ferelden, and he forgets all about wanting the money or taking the wrap for Pelekor. Seeing Aedan forget all about attacking and just go back to the table and leave the dwarf alone, Crastis and Bertrand begin to worry about Aedan.

Kynedrin then takes this time to discuss Lady Albinson’s interest in the group with Aedan, Ozoren, and Selvalar. While talking about this some of the group question why they should go after Blaen, both Abelard and Aedan speak up stating that they fully support going after Blaen.



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