Invisible Chains

Chapter Fourteen

...the abyss gazes back into you

Continuing the battle in the wine cellar. The Enlightened Brotherhood, joined with Selvalar, enter the cellar and begin to shoot at the enemy, while the Duelists, under Alizera, and the Purifiers continue to fight the Guards and Ardal. Ozoren, continuing the attack on the demon, attempts to choke & intimidate (his famous combo), the demon just laughs and brushes away his hand, the converted Qunari then makes the mistake of attempting to flirt with the desire demon. The demon turns the tables on him, turning into the form of Mehra, Ozoren, who has become quite broken, is convinced to kiss Mehra, thus he is marked by the demon and becomes her slave. The Qunari then goes on to attack Kynedrin. Meanwhile, Selvalar, seeing Bertrand and the Purifiers so close together lobs a fire bomb at the the group, Crastis, who was close by, manages to avoid the flames, while the rest of the group is hit. This causes Ardal, already seriously injured, to run off, while the purifiers turn on the guards. Seeing the fire, and realising the chaos of the situation, Pelekor runs off screaming about a fire, managing to convince two mages to run too. At the same time Bertrand and Aedan then team up and take on the Nevarran together, managing to cut her down, as Bertrand prepares to finish her off, Selvalar uses her last action on this earth to pull the pin of her penultimate grenade, igniting the two fire grenades in an awesome display of flame that consumes her body utterly, and hitting both Aedan and Bertrand leaving them both close to death. The huge burst of flame causes everyone in the room to pause for a moment, before continuing to fight on. Meanwhile Pelekor, reaching the top of the stairs, finds his way blocked by three figures he doesn't recognise, they pass him and the mages on the way down. Crastis, having gotten through the scum of bodies, spots the three Grey Wardens: Killian, Riordan, and Maxence. The elf explains what is going on, the three Grey Wardens, having sensed Darkspawn, decide to enter the fray and ask Crastis to look after the injured, pointing to Ardal. The three Grey Wardens charge in and begin to engage the three possessed PC's, in this battle Ozoren falls. At the same time, Alizera and her two Duelists fall in battle, seeing her army fall apart the demon conjures all of her magic and breaks open the fade dragging, her army, two members of the Enlightened Brotherhood, and Maxence. With that the battle ends.

With the chaos of the situation over, the whole group then discusses what to do; they have the choice of either getting the Circle of Magi to close the Fade Portal, or entering the fade and closing it themselves. The grey Wardens and a now healed Ardal decide they should head into it, while the rest of the group thinks about what should be done. Kynedrin then takes the initiative, having nearly died and now believing himself to be a woman, he charges at the group by the portal, hoping to knock them and himself into the portal, missing, he runs straight into the portal. Seeing this, Pelekor gains some backbone, and decides to head through the portal. Seeing her two dwarf comrades dive through the portal, Crastis and Fabre turn to one another and decide to head through too, with the remaining Enlightened Brotherhood members, and four members of the guard, Fabre orders the remaining guard to guard the room and inform the Mages/Templars when the sun comes up if they’re not back yet.

Having all entered the Fade the group is split into three. Fabre, Riorden, and Pelekor form one group; Kynedrin, Killian, and two guards form another; and Crastis, Ardal, and the remaining guards form the last group. There is no sign of the Elightened Brotherhood members at first.

The first group arrives at Island Nine. Arriving in a broom closet, the three find themselves in a castle like structure. After exploring for a bit, seeing two spirits, and battling ghost darkspawn, they step through a portal and arrive on Island Two. Leaving another broom closet, the group engages another group of darkspawn led by a Rage Demon. Pelekor, using his extreme powers of persuasion, manages to convince the two darkspawn ghosts that the world around them doesn’t exist, believing the silver tonged dwarf they fade from existence. Meanwhile Fabre and Riorden attack the Rage Demon, at first assaulted by the heat radiating from its body, they manage to hit it enough to extinguish the worst of its heat.

The second group arrives in a great forest on Island Eight, travelling through it for a time they see a demon, which looks similar to a Shade, but appears more solid. They fight and defeat the Sloth Demon, and release Abelard’s spirit. Killian also finds a ring embedded in a tree, pulling on the ring releases a large chain like a cord attached to it which drags the ring back when they pull on it. The group feels like the fade has shifted somewhat, but apart from that they don’t feel any change.

The third group arrives in a great hall; sat at its head is a Pride Demon, Jealousy. Ardal, seeing the demon, jumps through the nearest portal to Island Seven. After being commanded to bow Crastis and the two guards obey, bowing to the huge Demon. After the demon stomps away, his pride sated, the group follows Ardal through the portal. Arriving on a very foggy island, they make their way through the fog towards the silhouette of a cottage. Entering they find a surreal scene before them. Two Elightended Brotherhood members (one a mage) are sat drinking and eating at a kitchen table, while an old woman is cooking numerous treats for them. Welcoming the group in, the enter cautiously. Ardal, having had enough of magic, springs at the mage in the room, nearly killing him; he is only calmed by the old woman who offers him a beverage. The group soon notices that the food and drink has the ability to heal the group of wounds. Crastis meanwhile gets the sense that the old woman has an intense desire directed at her specifically.



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