Invisible Chains

Chapter Eleven

So Long Drunkie

Returning to Bertrand’s adventure, the Orlesian commoner makes his way to the Docks. Arriving at the warehouse he finds Garrett waiting with two fellow purifiers. Garrett warns Bertrand not to speak of anything that occurs inside the warehouse, once he agrees the purifier opens the door and locks it again once everyone is inside. Seeing a group of bound and gagged women on the floor, Bertrand quires as to who they are; Garrett reveals that they are Mages and they are going to be punished for using magic. At first Bertrand believes that he will have to kill a mage, but it suddenly dawns on him that this is not the case, that the purifiers have something far more evil in mind for the defenceless mages. Refusing to go along with this plan, Bertrand attempts to leave prompting a fight with the three Purifiers; the Orlelsian makes a brave stand but is ultimately overwhelmed by the more aggressive Templar zealots. Seeing that Bertrand is likely to die and that no one will save them, the mages give into their despair and allow themselves to be possessed, transforming into abominations. The sight of the four monsters terrifies the four fighters, as the Purifiers spring into action the lead abomination casts a very powerful spell that turns Garrett inside out. Seeing Garrett’s blood and guts splattered across the room, Bertrand turns to flee. Attempting to break down the door, he hears a voice behind him saying: “you helped them.” Realising that the abominations are coming for him, he charges the door. Miraculously, the door springs off its hinges before he even touched it. Running off, Bertrand hears an explosion coming from the direction of the warehouse. Upon getting back to the inn, Bertrand seeks healing, managing to get bandaged up, he goes up to bed after such a stressful day.

Meanwhile, continuing the adventure with the rest of the group. Ozoren decides it’s a good time to hunt down his mentor, convincing the rest of the group to go along with him; he manages to  rag along both Abelard and Crastis (Ozoren has since  managed to heal his broken hand by pending a lot of money on a salve). Arriving at the Grand Cathedral, the group splits up and tries to find Nerrani, Abelard approaches a Templar and tries to ask him about the elf, the Templar begins to suspect that the Nevarran is an apostate when Ozoren walks up and attempts to intimidate the Templar, causing him to call out to his Templar fellows that there is an Apostate and Qunari attacking him. As Ozoren drags Abelard off, causing a trail of Templar’s to follow after. Aedan and Crastis don’t know quite what to say about the situation, as they pretend not to be associated with the two troublemakers an elven servant saddles up to Aedan and inquires what happened. After learning that the Qunari was Ozoren, she tells Aedan that the Qunari can find Nerrani at the Fox’s Arms Pub. With this information in hand the two leave to attempt to find Ozoren.

Having lost their pursuers, Abelard and Ozoren return to the Moonlight Cat Inn to regroup with the rest of the group. Aedan and Crastis come in and deliver the news of Neranni’s location. Deciding to go and deal with his former mentor, he drags the rest of the group, except Pelekor. Arriving at the pub the group finds it strangely deserted, as soon as they arrive an elf appears at the top of the balcony and speaks to Ozoren, challenging him to a honourable fight to the death, agreeing to the challenge Ozoren begins to help Neranni push the tables out of the way making a space in the room to fight. The rest of the group is very confused as to what is happening between the two Qunari, but decide to stay out of it, just before the fight begins Ozoren explains that they will be fighting to the death and that they should stay out of it.

Beginning the fight Neranni skips around Ozoren’s sword strikes and pierces him several time with her sword. While Ozoren manages to deliver a few sword strikes, Neranni manages to dance around most of his blows and hit back with her own while mocking him. As Ozoren gets more and more frustrated, and the heckles from the other members of the group become louder, he is almost dealt a terrible blow from Neranni but Selvalar steps in the way breaking the rules of the combat. Both Ozoren and Neranni tell the adventurer to get out of the way, since they both agree that what Selvalar did was wrong they both continue the fight as honour is not broken. They continue on until Neranni delivers a terrible blow to Ozoren dropping him to the floor, the tal-vashoth is still alive but barely, held up by his two blades, aiming to finish him with a coup de grace, unfortunately Crastis nips in and manages to slightly heal Ozoren distracting Neranni who pushes her away. The distraction is enough time for Ozoren to stab Neranni through the chest. As his mentor/mother figure dies she whispers to Ozoren: “you were always my best student.”

Meanwhile Abelard, dealing with a lot of stress decides to set the curtains on fire, while Aedan and others in the group yell at Ozoren, Selvalar, and Crastis. Abelard, having set fire to the building, runs away, while Aedan leaves and bars the door hoping that they burn to death after cheating in the fight (both men are very stressed from the psychological effects of their marks). Meanwhile Selvalar searches the body and loots Neranni’s sword, several grenades, and her money, while handing Ozoren a note he wrote as a child. Seeing that she kept the note Ozoren becomes visible emotional for a short time before shaking it off and carrying on. Seeing the door locked, the three exit through the back door. Finding a group of four Qunari in the kitchen, the three are initially taken aback, but they only ask if the fight is over and then go in to take the body. The three then leave with the Qunari. Aedan, watching this from the front door through a window, notices that Ozoren has left his three skulls on a table, the Ferelden, sickened by the Qunari’s practice and wishing to teach him a lesson, enters the room and smashes the skulls. Leaving the burning building he sees a demon holding one of the skulls (Jeff), shocked and unable to move, he can do nothing while the demon commands him to re-join the group and kill Blaen, the demon then wipes Aedan’s memory leaving him only with the desire to re-join the group and kill Blaen. Meanwhile Abelard, who has been running through the city, is stopped when he sees a desire demon, also holding another of Ozoren’s skulls (Deidre), frozen to the spot he is forced to obey the demon’s commands to re-join the group and kill Blaen.

Eventually everyone returns to the Inn and decides to wait around with nothing else to do; Pelekor, who has spent his time hanging out with his posse all day, mostly ignores the group until he goes to bed. Meanwhile Abelard, long suffering from the day, and dealing with a lot of stress has an aneurysm, killing him instantly. Believing he is just passed out from drinking, Aedan pays money to have someone drag Abelard upstairs and into bed, the Ferelden goes to bed shortly after. Gathering together, Ozoren, Crastis, and Selvalar, having become ostracised from the group (the group has essentially been split in two, a loose alliance of Pelekor, Aedan, and Abelard on the one side; and the tight group of Crastis, Selvalar, and Ozoren on the other; Bertrand is far too ill to deal with the group’s problems), decide to deal with Crastis’ problem next and go to find her old master, having been given information that there aren’t any guards at her old master’s place except a routine guard sweep. They travel to the town house expecting minimum resistance, the three go up to the door and find it unlocked, going through Ozoren and Crastis go down the dark corridor (Selvalar guards outside). Approaching the stairs, the house is eerily quiet, until they hear the door snap shut and the tumblers turning, locking the door. Realising they are both trapped, they watch as, rising from the shadows, a pair of shades attack the pair, Pelkor attempts to stab at the shades, but finds his blades just pass through not damaging the ghosts, while Crastis tries to twice cast a shock spell and failing both times. Realising that something is happening inside, Selvalar manages to pick the lock with her knife, opening the door. Seeing the open door and a fruitless battle against ghosts, Ozoren bolts leaving the elf holding the bag.



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