Invisible Chains

Chapter Eight

The Sewers and Another Skull

Following their fight at the docks, the group decides to recuperate and take Ozoren to a doctor to fix his broken hand. Finding a back alley doctor in the Prattling Prince Inn, the group manages to get the Qunari’s hand bandaged up and buy a mysterious blue vial. Completing the mission the group goes back to the Moonlight Cat Inn, while having dinner Kynedrin comes in and informs the group that he has arranged the job that the group has to do with the Grey Wardens. He explains that the Grey Wardens are looking for some something called the Cache of Amadis, and that they are going to split the jewels and gold. Kyedrin also discloses that he has over heard the Grey Wardens mentioning some sort of weapon. Realising they will have to be up early in the morning, the group decides to go to bed early.

Dreaming strange dreams, Crastis dreams of her old master before the scene shifts to someone calling himself the Dread Wolf. Abelard dreams of his old mentor Pancake who tells him not to be afraid, before he becomes a mummy and whispers the word: Above. Aedan also has another dream, he sees his home, Castle Cousland, in the distance, there are trumpets, people are cheering, and guards stand ready to accept him, a voice whispers telling him to: “take it, it is yours by right”, Aedan desiring his right as ruler and to gain power, something that was never gonna happen with his brother still alive, walks into the castle as the people applaud and cheer him, he takes his place on a throne, a voice whispers: “I knew you were a fool, son of Cousland.” The scene falls away, and Aedan is branded with a mark he has never seen before. Waking up he sees the same brand on his chest.

Coming downstairs for breakfast, Selvalar passes Bertrand the note he found in the black book, reading it outload the writer believed that they were being chased by something, urging the future reader to destroy the book. Aedan also realises that the chain the writer was talking about must refer to the Chain of Andoral, which is myth, explaining that the chain is supposedly made from the Old God Andoral’s scales. Believing the book to be cursed the group decides to destroy the book. Seeing the same mark on the letter as on his chest, Aedan becomes very worried and grabs the book setting it the fireplace with wood and other flammable objects. Although the fire roars the book is just singed, taking the book out of the fire and wrapping it back up in the Selvalar’s scarf, deciding to put destroying the book on the back burner for now, the group, minus Pelekor who disappeared before everyone woke up, travels with Kynedrin to meet the Grey Wardens.

Stopping to buy supplies for the travel underground, the group meets with the three wardens: the warrior Riordan, the mute thief Killian, and the elven mage Maxence. Descending down into the sewers, Aedan orders his dog to stay behind, Maxence summons a wisp of light to see by, travelling down the disgusting sewer, the group spots several figures out in the darkness, Riordan explains that they are the les gens de l’égout the bottom rung of society in Val Royeaux. While walking Killian gets close to Crastis and attempts to flirt with her with his eyes, the elf acts receptive but isn’t interested. Moving over to Selvalar, Killian tries the act again but the Nevarran isn’t interested, so the thief steals her money. Seeing the theft, Aedan calls the thief out about it, pretending to know nothing Riordan swats the thief who sheepishly gives the Nevarran her money back. After this the group is attacked by a large force of ragged pale sewer people, who are easily beaten back thanks to Grey Wardens and the two warriors. During the battle Abelard uses Walking bomb to explode one of his enemies scaring the other starving enemies away. Maxence rounds on Abelard for causing an explosion as it could have caused a methane explosion killing them and potentially taking out half of the city. Riordan manages to calm the elven mage down. Continuing on the group eventually reaches a dead end with a wooden door. Taking out a key Riorden opens the door and the others pile into the small cave. Seeing a hole and another ladder the group descends. Climbing for much longer than the previous ladder down into the sewer, Crastis, Bertrand, and Abelard lose their footing, but thankfully are saved by Killian, Aedan, and Selvalar respectively.

Managing to reach the bottom of the hole without another incident, the group finds themselves in a pitch black cave; summoning the wisp again the group sees spider webs covering most of the walls. Managing to navigate the twisting maze-like hallways of the caves, the group avoids many creatures; manage to defeat a cave beetle swarm and a pack of giant rats, before finding themselves in a very large cave hall. Avoiding the giant spiders they navigate their way to the back of the cave. Hearing something muttering and moving about in the blackness up ahead, the group stops and Maxence send the wisp on ahead. The group sees an ancient blind emaciated naked female elf, surprised by the sight of her down here in the dark; the group approaches and hears her muttering about some bat. The group attempts to ask a few questions but none seem to get through to the woman, after asking why she’s down here the woman becomes lucid for a moment, she mutters something about stealing bread, being beaten, and running away; she also asks: “why did you leave?”.  It is then that Aedan notices the brand, the same one he has, on the woman’s thigh, when he asks about it the woman flips out and attacks everyone. Although she is old she is string and nimble, able to dodge the group’s attacks and deal tremendous damage right back, managing to knock Crastis out cold. She is finally put down by Killian who stabs the woman in the back with both of his blades. Releasing a sigh of death, the elven woman cries as she mutters: “freedom, at last”, just as she falls down dead. Her corpse begins to rapidly age and becomes bones before their eyes. Wanting to add another skull to his collection, Ozoren picks up the skull and names it Deirdre.

Looking over the rest of the cave, the group discovers a section where the old elf evidentially slept, the wall beside it is covered with scratch marks and the word why, near the bottom is also written: “why did you leave why”. The group eventually find the cache, after checking it for traps, they lift it out of the hole it’s buried in. Opening the chest up they discover a bundle of clothes, a pair of rusted swords, and a large pile of gold and jewels. The Grey Wardens mutter to each other that it’s not here, when asked what they’re talking about Riordan explains that they have been looking for the Chain of Andoral, a magical device that can supposedly manipulate the spirits of the Fade, the Wardens are seeking the chain in order to face down the Fifth Blight that has broken out in Ferelden. This piece of news startles the group, the Wardens also explain that they’ve been banned from crossing into Ferelden and have no way to stop the Blight before it spreads. Aedan, who acts confrontational, tells the Wardens that he heard that there order killed his king; Riordan responds that they know nothing about this and hope to investigate when they manage to get into the country; this diffuses the situation from becoming violent.

Noticing the weird connection between the letter, the elf, and the chain, the group explains about the book and letter. Riorden looks over the letter and explains that it looks to be written by a mad man, Maxence flicks through the book using his knife (the group explains the book is probably cursed), he explains that the book is probably written in Ancient Tevene, and that they should take it to a linguistics professor at the university. Just before the group leaves the Wardens promise not to tell anyone about what occurred down here and to keep their knowledge of the book quiet. With that done the group navigates their way back through the caves and the sewer and emerges back where they entered from. Fenrir also bounds back up to his master.

Crastis approaches Maxence and asks if he knows anyone where she can get poisons from, although he warns her not to kill anyone, he states that he knows of a back street doctor in the Prattling Prince Inn. Killian also comes up to Crastis and leaves her note asking her to write him. The three then bid the group goodbye telling them to contact the three if they are ever in danger.




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